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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Questions That Appear During the Online-store Development


Questions That Appear During the Online-store Development

I have noticed that almost all articles of our blog are devoted to the people who already have ready-to-work web-projects. What an unfairness, I thought, as there are people in this world who didn't have time to develop an online store but they do really want to do everything in the right way. This article, which answers the key questions appearing during the online store development, is especially for you online entrepreneurial beginners.

I want to point out that this April we have posted a large post «Check-list for those who are planning to create an online store» that I strongly recommend to read, especially if you are at the beginning of your online-business way.

In this article we are also going to ask ourselves three key questions, that appear in the head of every future online-store owner, and you will find an extended answer to each of them.

Question: What domain should I choose for an online-store?

Answer: At first glance it may seem that all the good domain names are already taken, but if the name of your online store is not a common one, there will be no problem. Read about how to choose a name for your company.

We recommend you care that your domain is top-level (it includes zones .ua, .ru, .com, full list is . here)). Also pay attention to the age of domain as this factor has a significance for a further optimization in search engines.

On choosing the domain for an online-store you can check quickly whether it is vacant or not with the help of 1and1.com.

Questions That Appear During the Online-store Development

Question: What CMS should I choose for online-store?

Answer: First of all let's give a definition of CMS. CMS is a software for managing an internet-resource, a platform for website development.

They can be self-written when the studio or an autonomous programmer develops CMS from the very beginning and by himself. Self-written CMS is dangerous because you are risking to be tied to one developer and also there’s a susceptibility to contestants or hackers. One more disadvantage of a self-written CMS is that it is difficult for an online-store manager to make it out, say nothing of its improving or modifying. A self-written “engine” can be compared to house of cards — you are adding one card on top but the base is being ruined.

We recommend using CMS that has a developed technical society all over the world. In this case you are not just becoming independent from developers but get the guarantees of stable work, and also a possibility to improve your online store on a regular basis, as the society regularly improves CMS with new technologies trying to create the best «engine» for the online store.

Due to eight years of experience in commerce website development, we have chosen MODX, because its possibilities satisfied the business aims of web-projects more than others. As advantages can be outlined, such characteristics like safety, administrative usability, flexibility, speed, SEO-orientation and developed society. On choosing the engine for an online store, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics given above.

Question: What is the price of online store development?

Answer: Budget of any project depends on the tasks it includes. It is either a necessary functional or visual part or the content. It is important to understand that a cheap online store won't lead to success in ecommerce, but on the contrary will cause a lot of problems starting with system errors and incompetent usability and finishing with difficulties with promotion and resource conversion optimization.

One can judge about the final budget only after the project requirements have been formed, but experience has shown that the qualitative online store can't cost less than several thousands of dollars.


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