React or Vue - what is better?

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Disagreements constantly happen between adherents of React, Vue and Angular

Disagreements constantly happen between adherents of React, Vue and Angular. Many people want to prove that their framework is the best, and the rest are not worth the time to learn. Nevertheless, experts who tried to work with all three tools say that there simply is no better - each framework allows you to solve some problems as efficiently as possible, and for the rest, there are more suitable ways. In this review article, we will look at the pros and cons of React and Vue.

What is better for the beginner?

The best solution for a beginner is to start learning any tool as quickly as possible. Any advice and arguments in this regard are the subjective opinions of the developers, which were also influenced by senior ones.

In order not to fall into the vicious circle of adherents of one approach, to be open and not to focus on a specific method, you just need to take up the framework on which the first assigned project will be. So the programmer will be able to master the tool in the process of work, concentrating on its most necessary aspects.

React JS

React JS is not a framework at all, but an open-source library. It is ideal for simple projects, one of the goals of which is to quickly pay off. Large, branched websites are easier to build on Angular.

To the question: ?React is better than Vue,? they answer in different ways. For example, the first bests the second at the issue of ecosystem richness and delights followers with a large number of available custom rendering tools. But the main advantage of the reaction is still an active and developed community.

With the help of a ?living? community, you can:

  • quickly or relatively quickly find a solution to a complex or atypical task
  • use tons of training materials in any form - video, text, tables, graphics;
  • in a short time to learn about new solutions and opportunities;
  • find a mentor and pump faster thanks to his advice;
  • use ready-made developments, just modifying them.

Vue JS

Vue is quite open and easily accepts beginners, it has high reactivity and component structure. It?s easy for programmers to switch to it after using a different framework because Vue has absorbed the best features of Angular and React. Many developers consider it the most affordable option for beginners.

The main drawback of Vue is the lack of the same amount of training materials and a developed community, like React and Angular. But this is temporary - the technology is relatively new and quite in demand.

If we talk about why Vue is better than React, It reminds about the CLI project generator - React does not have the same convenient functionality. It allows you to quickly and easily start a new project with the help of an interactive wizard. It is also used for the instant prototyping of a component. Create React App, an exemplary analogue of the CLI, also provides a quick start to the application.

Common features

It is worth noting that these two technologies have not only differences but also similar features that perplex those who want to determine what is better than React or Vue. Both allow you to quickly understand the processes, study the environment and start the activity. As for speed, it is also unlikely to be a decisive factor in the choice (high for both tools).

Hybrid application development is available in both React Native and Vue Native.

Compared technologies use Virtual DOM - a light copy of the standard DOM, which allows you to make the necessary changes, and then reconcile them with the original version. That is, on the user's screen, they will be replaced exclusively differing from the original part. This solution allows you to reduce the amount of traffic and speed up the loading of content, which brings closer the ?first contact? of the user with the page, which means it reduces the percentage of failures. This is especially true for smartphone users and people with a slow Internet connection.

Note that web application development is possible using both tools.

Redux / Vuex

If we take a closer look at solutions for managing the state of the application, we can see how similar the approaches are to each other. For example, Redux, which is more often used with React, interacts quite well with Vue. But the Vue developers took the next step in this direction - they created Vuex, which is even deeper integrated into the system.

MobX and React - almost Vue

React is often used in conjunction with MobX. It is quite popular, and its reactivity system is very similar to Vue. To simplify a bit, we can call this bunch a more verbose Vue variation. If a person works with just such an approach, and he likes him, the transition to Vue may be a good idea.

Content of the article


Unambiguously answering the question: “Why is React better than Vue”, is almost impossible. In comparisons of two technologies, the functionality of which plus or minus is designed for the same tasks, everything goes into the personal preferences of programmers. So, an abstract React developer will consider that he made the right choice and his framework is the best. But is this true for every emerging task? It must be remembered that any method is good in something of its own - it is necessary to evaluate the context, and not thoughtlessly use your favourite tricks.

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