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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

SEO Content Strategy in 2016 year

The tendency of seismically changing SEO strategy over the past few years has already become usual. Experts prove SEO content rules that worked last year can't be effective for a present one. Most of them have shifted with no hope for return clearing the way to new advanced methods. That's what has happened with 2016; almost everything that worked in 2015 doesn't help you to promote your web business today . Anyway, we have some tips to offer to you for maximizing your investment in content in 2016.

Nowadays, driving traffic by packing headlines with keywords is no longer real. New rules for SEO content strategy stand for building up another marketing strategy that isn’t based on keywords. There is a tendency now: because search engines are getting smarter, content creators are losing control over how their web pages are showing up.

new rules of seo content strategy

Tips and Tricks to be on the top

So, what are the tips that will help you be on top of the search engine results?

1 Be attentive to a post-click activity

If adding exact keywords in text used to be one of the fastest ways to make a website’s information relevant to its target audience, now it is no longer true. Today’s search engines are monitoring users' activities on site. Whether it’s a constant coming back or finding the answers they are looking for, a post-click activity plays a key role in understanding and satisfying user intent.

2 Not ride on keywords

On site optimization tendency is that the whole idea of a text is becoming more important than numbers of repeated keywords. You can just talk about experiences or products; search engines understand what you mean. For example, writing about modern tendencies in clothing, you might have such words as “sweatshirt,” “hoodie,” “cardigan,” “bomber,” etc. If those are already in the article, search engines will determine it is a good one. Take note of the search queries length. To give a user relevant results on his request, think about more than two-word queries.

3 Create original content

The more original content you give to a user, the better it is for you. What should you expect from marketers in 2016? Any content strategy cannot work without an editorial calendar. Reveal your customers' interests and make articles targeted to them. If you duplicate content SEO, try to put it in your own words. Remember, users must have a great experience with unique information. They not only long to read something new, but also to share it.

4 The longer – the better

A lot of writers are wondering how to write SEO content to catch the attention of a target audience. For 2016, the longer article, the better it’s performing in search. There is a big difference between content three years ago and currently. If earlier it was normal for an article to have 300 words, today1.200-1.500 words is a perfect size for getting more traffic. If you want to see your website on the top of search engine results, write long-form texts to be ranked higher in SEO. Why does Google makes such changes? To be sure the traffic is sending to pages that really pleased people. Include subheads and images to make your long-form article readable.

5 Get started optimizing for mobile

No doubts, 2016 is the year of mobile. Responsive websites are becoming important for correctly displaying websites across mobile devices to the users' delight. More and more people don't start their day without surfing the net looking for something that engages their minds. That's why you make sure your content is searchable with smartphones and tablets. Don't forget, your app should change its SEO so Google can understand and place the content in the “top ten.”

displaying across different types of devices

6 Use unique images

Every SEO specialist knows that search engines like unique, non-plagiarized texts and images within the website pages and really hate SEO duplicate content. There are a lot of penalties for this. Creation and publishing of unique content on your website will be your benefit in the eyes of search engines. Images are the support of everything stated on the website. Try to stand out, and use only qualitative images and content. All these will make your clients happy and help you earn more.

To sum it up

It is up to you whether to use old-school strategies to make your web audience know about your resources or to try new methodologies in which experts see the future of SEO. If you are afraid of risks, you can use traditional anchor text in SEO and a big amount of keywords included in content. But I am sure SEO strategies in 2016 are worth implementing to get incredible results in promoting your brand.

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