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SEO for opencart

Opencart has one big disadvantage; it has poor optimization for search engines. Lots of developers and SEO specialists face these problems every day. You should complete a very voluminous work before reaching success in SEO.

There is a solution!

I would like to say that if you have chosen this CMS as a platform for your online store, there is nothing to worry about. In the era of advanced IT technologies, it isn't so difficult to find extensions that will be really useful for your ecommerce website. Improve your Open cart seo with them and make sure you have done everything right.

The list of the best extensions for Opencart SEO

1 OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator

It is a nightmare for most seo specialists when product listings are accessible through a bunch of different URLs. This extension is like a medicine to an ill person, and like a fertilizer to a flower because it consolidates your Opencart SEO URLs to single canonical versions doing away with the SEO penalties of managing multiple links.

2 Ultimate SEO plugin for OpenCart

This extension is a great solution for all the problems with duplicate URLs, besides offering generated error pages and SEO-friendly translated versions of your store. It helps you save your time owing to an automatic search engine optimization of opencart websites.

SEO for opencart

3 Baltokoskis Opencart Quick Tags Generator

This plugin automatically generates search engine optimized tags for your product listings that include key details such as producer, category and name. If you manage a store with lots of products, this extension reduces the time for manual entering with simple generation.

4 Opencart 1.5.X Full Seo – Auto Keyword

This extension is very helpful for opencart seo keyword choice. If the time you send on inventing and entering seo keywords is familiar to you, then this is the extension you really need to use while developing. It helps you choose keywords based on the information you enter into product listing. Besides, it doesn't use spaces. Instead replacing them with “dashes”, make sure the keyword is absolutely unique.

5 OpenCart: Category Name in Your Product Title Tag

Improve your seo for opencart with this extension. Usually, or rather by default, Opencart CMS only uses a product's name in the title tag resulting in non-descriptive search engine results. This plugin adds a category name in the product's title for the sake of SEO improvement and the appearance of your search listings.

6 Ajax Image Loader

To improve seo opencart, developers have created numerous plugins and extensions that considerably change its work for better. Many search engines take load speed into account when ranking websites and optimizing loading times. This extension helps your images load asynchronously via Ajax, which is considerably faster than the speed of loading the initial page.

opencart seo

7 OpenCart Canonical URLs SEO extension

Improve your opencart seo url as this plugin will take you no more than a few minutes to install. It improves an Opencart SEO by adding canonical tags to the pages of your online store. Owing to this extension, it will stop your store from flooding search engines with duplicate pages that can penalize your website's ranking.

In conclusion

As you have seen, there is a big quantity of plugins and extensions that you can use while developing and have no worries about search engine optimization or other weaknesses of one or another CMS, like Magento. If you want to learn more about SEO for Magento read our blog article! Use them and enjoy!

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