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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

SEO link Strategy in 2016 year

In this article I am going to tell about link strategies that will be popular and widely used in 2016. You still don't know which of them are exactly for you? Read the list below with pros and cons and choose the best one or several ones. They are diverse but extremely efficient and used by many SEO specialists for website promotion worldwide!

Link building strategy for beginners

There is a big variety of strategies that are quite difficult for beginners, but let's consider the easiest and least problematic ones.

1 Registration in directories

Directory database is constantly updated and your link can be easily turned to dust or banned by search engines. To avoid this you should register your website only on consistent directories,like Directory World, follow registration rules and from time to time run through them.

So what are the advantages or disadvantages of this SEO link strategy?


  • Increase in attendance
  • Hit in the issuance of TOP search engines for low-frequency queries
  • Improving key indicators (TIC and PR)
  • Link building


    • You can be banned as well as your link
    • There is a possibility to register on an unreliable directory
    • In the end you will receive less than you expected

2 Backlinks

The more backlinks you receive from some popular websites, the greater probability that Google accept yours. Then it's time you build backlinks in regards to your site's sales, traffic results and success.


  • Building of useful and helpful relationship
  • Increase in traffic to your site
  • Gaining recognition in your particular niche


  • Time-consuming
  • Requires a lot of patience
  • Your comments can simply get lost in the depth of a website


3 Guest blogging

It is one of the most important link building strategies and a great way to widen your audience. All you need is to post or share your unique article with other resources of your niche. For this occasion visit Shout Me Loud website to view the list of websites opened for guest blogging. You should not let it develop spontaneously but pay proper attention to each trifle and feedback.


  • Establishing yourself (or your business) as a field leader is important when you want to attract more customers
  • You can attract the attention of a reader and then send him to your website to learn more
  • Diversification of ways to attract new clients
  • Competent work with keywords may be for the benefit of your positions


  • Your are restricted by blog owner's rules
  • You spend a lot of time on writing it but it is not posted on your resource
  • The style of your articles compared to the blog completely differs

4 Testimonials

Testimonial link-building is a win-win scenario. You have big chances to give your link in exchange for a testimonial if you’re providing competent link building strategy


  • It costs only a few sentences about some specific service to customers
  • They add credibility to the claims about product or service quality or value


  • These testimonials can differ from reality (quality or usefulness)
  • People have the only objective to get a backlink, even by lying
  • It can cost a pretty penny

5 Video channel

YouTube has gained in popularity. All the famous people are vlogging (video blogging) now and create more and more channels about beauty, style, lifestyle, their job, etc. Twitter even launched the Periscope app for this occasion. In the beginning there was a real madness around it, but then, step by step, everything has come to naught. Broadcast videos of your company no matter whether it is educational content or something interesting about social life. The more people share it, the more recognizable you become for your potential clients. As you can see, a competent off-site optimization can yield perfect results.

video channels for the sake of blogging


  • Significant increase in conversion rates
  • Give you backlinks in no time
  • With the help of videos you gain recognition


  • It's laborious work
  • It takes quite a lot of time and money

Successful business owing to SEO strategies

SEO strategy is the most important process you have done for your business. No matter if you are a small business or a big enterprise in the offline world, you need to follow and respect the rules dictated by its online analogue. To reach real success, there are several axioms: work only with professionals, strictly follow all the rules and keep up to pace. With the help of the smart and professional SEO specialists and SEO linking strategy, your website can be on top of all the search engines. There are a lot of different strategies: online or off site, expensive or free, and each of them work for the benefit of your online business. You may ask, what are their objectives? It will bring you more potential clients, increase your website's rate, and make you popular in your particular niche. If you reach all that, make sure the main foundation has already been laid.


To sum up, I would like to say that all the strategies given above are effective and all of them are used by a lot of specialists all over the world. Happily, we can use all the knowledge of people who know more than us about this domain. Google implements new strict algorithms and every time we get used to following them, it feels like they change. The right approach is spending some time on implementing numerous tactics that will be your link building benefit and certainly recommend you in the number of prosperous online entrepreneurs. So go ahead!

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