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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Сontent Strategy for SEO

No doubts you have already heard millions of times the phrase “Content is king” and there is something behind these words. Unique content goes hand in hand with success. Create it absolutely unique and it will be a kind of support, a solid foundation for further search engine optimization SEO efforts.

Steps to the world of SEO success

Every blogger wants his readers read through carefully, taking into consideration all the trifles from the information given in the article. So do I! Hope you will be applicated in your reading as this is nothing but pieces of advice for YOUR business. Let's get it started.

1 Quality of content

There are some questions so that you answer yourself in assessing whether you're producing quality content in terms of content strategy for SEO:

  • Do you mention a reason for people to apply specifically to your company for products or services? To shop on YOUR website?
  • Do you offer something of substance to users, that is different, useful, unique and they won't be able to find in anywhere?
  • Do your texts attract attention? Are they eye-catching? Is there a reason in the text for people to spend some time reading pages of your website?

Сontent Strategy for SEO

2 Keyword research

It is the second important point in the development of SEO content strategy after creating great content. There are a great diversity of tools that allow you to find out the ways that people may be searching for your content.

The main advice is to use keywords and create content that will correspond to people's queries. For example, some pages of specific fields might use “specialized” words to describe one or another issue and search engines are likely to skip or not rank such type of page highly if people use general words used in everyday life (I've always said that content strategy SEO development is not for “weak sisters”) . For example, simple and frequent query for Chamomile by the user may differ from its scientific analogue Matricaria. So don't forget that all the keywords should be chosen for people and search engines' algorithms works for it.

3 Keyword choice

Have you already had good content before reading this article and doing some research? All the same, I think it will need some editing taking into account new acquired experience. To prevent some questions, I'll tell that an ideal keyword density is 4-6% of common quantity of words.

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What does SEO and content strategy imply?

SEO and content strategy is a set of thoroughly worked out steps and all of them should be taken into consideration. Only this is a guarantee of your website's success. If you are afraid of taking such responsibility or of failing, entrust this work to professionals and make sure everything will be on TOP.

In Conclusion

The finer details need to be considered in order to achieve the ultimate goals of a SEO content strategy. Keep language clear and concise and you’ll find that users and search engines reward you for it. Wear a White Hat and you’ve successfully reinforced a solid SEO content strategy foundation.

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