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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Startup Technology Team: Who is to Put your Idea Into Life?


Startup Technology Team: Who is to Put your Idea Into Life?

Finally, you've received a green light from the first angels. So now the key is to put together a team of like-minders and build a project. Who should the team consist of to go with a run, meet deadlines and keep high level of quality to develop the project at its finest? Let's discuss it now.

There is no standard concept that could match every project. But still, there are basics every project team follows depending on the stage of the project development.

1.The one who leads the project

A leader's goal is to keep inspiring the team. He may not be that person who's got the idea, but he definitely understands the business model and uses the goals to lead the developers and incorporate them. It is commonly believed that the leader is the key pillar in team building — he's the one who organizes developers' workflow and keeps updated client's requirements. So a team leader:

    • Knows how to achieve all the development goals
    • Easily sells the idea of the project on niche markets
    • Forms relationships in a team
    • Is future-oriented

Startup Technology

2. The one who leads a technical team

Even professional developers need someone that will lead them through the project scope of work. He is to allocate resources, commit technical specifications, and follow team's production. There is no high-quality product without its solid technical backside, as well as successful startup launch without efficient management.

3. A technical team

    • Back-end developers work on the server side of a project. Today's leading technologies for building a startup are Node.JS, Symfony, and Laravel.
    • Front-end developers are responsible for the front face of a project. These are specialists working with frameworks such as AngularJS, React.JS, and Woo.JS.
    • You will need mobile developers if you decide to develop a mobile application.
    • Designers create the interface of a startup as well as its corporate identity. Choose a specialist that keeps an eye on UX and design trends (by the way, the latest ones are minimum colors and maximum simplicity).
    • QA specialists prepare tests for a project to check if it's bug-free . It is the specialist that minimizes development risks in order to give a customer a well-done working product.

A system administrator is a person that takes care of the project's security

Startup Technology Team

4. A marketing team Even if your idea is great and unique, it won't get you profit if nobody heard about it. So you may need

    • A copywriter to prepare engaging content for social media
    • A marketer that will be responsible for the startup's lead generation, development of the project, and searching for new promotion channels.

Here is an interesting concept for your startup – make its team H2D. Your project will be built by techie (hacker, CTO), revenue generator (hustler, CEO), and UX/UI specialist (designer).

Essentials to remember:

  1. A team is the key factor that helps investors decide if your startup is worth their money. It is not so important how hot your idea is. The most vital thing is who will work on your idea.
  2. Only professionals should be in your team. Pay attention to their awareness of the technologies you need.
  3. Schedule meetings to discuss key aspects. It supports team cohesion, setting up common goals, and seeing measures of effectiveness as a whole. Just try to put such method of motivation on a regular basis and you'll see the results.

Choose your team carefully and make sure they have the right expertise for your business domain. Artjoker is sure that your startup will be well-known all over the world and ready to become a part of this event.

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