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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Suicide Squad in Mobile Universe: Who Is Who?


Suicide Squad in Mobile Universe: Who Is Who?

DC fans were so longing for this movie that bought all the tickets to city cinemas three weeks before the movie premiere. A few days after the first run all everyone could talk about was which character was the most canonical, if Jared Leto had coped with the Joker part, and how many scenes were cut for the sake of rates. Let's leave all the details to the movie addicts to savor and imagine what useful (or not) app capabilities the main characters could be associated with.



A sharpshooter““Deadshot”” — is a mail service. Mailings, trigger letters – all the messages are sent to address without server failures or running into spam filters. Deadshot never misses the kill, only if conceives a plan.

Harley Quinn

Pretty and hot, killing and sometimes aggressive,"Mobile" Harley Quinn is an advertisement. A supervillain is fully natural in her character (reminds of native advertising, doesn't it?). But when she is out of the role and becomes a genius doctor again, you may feel a bit of false. So, more colors and hardiness, Harley!

harley quinn

Captain Boomerang

Since Captain Boomerang is just a “co-star” in this movie, it would be hasty to talk about a certain mobile app. His weapon is push-notifications – fast, numerous and even bitchy – they can drop out of the view (because of service) and then come hard again.

captain boomerang

El Diablo

I needed some time to think about this guy. What does destructive fire look like? El Diablo can save, but also quit on everyone who handles such an effective weapon. Yes, indeed! El Diablo is the target setting!

el diablo


Even if this character wasn't the main, his deeds affect everyone. No doubt, Joker is a common virus. To undermine industry from within using ads and threatenings rapidly translating words into actions.



A good thing there are neutral characters in Suicide Squad too. For example, Katana - the widow with the sword that takes the souls of those it kills. The idea of a program that blocks all advertisements and viruses has come to my mind! Just make a wrong move, and start thinking about a new advertising campaign.


We've discussed only the lead characters. If you have ideas to talk over – you're welcome!

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