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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

The Advantages of Email Marketing over Social Networks


The Advantages of Email Marketing over Social Networks

SMM walks with a firm tread, and we can't fail to take it into account. But if we take into consideration numbers and facts – there is another story to tell. Today we are discussing the leadership of mailing in e-commerce and producing 6 reasons of its effectiveness. So,

6 Advantages of Email Marketing over Social Networks

1 Simple arithmetic

It turns out that e-mail has by 3 times more accounts than Facebook and Twitter putting together. Just imagine – 2,9 milliards of e-mails! Agree, it is a good chance of winning.

2 E-mail is the best channel of communication

How often do you hear or even say – write me an e-mail? It is appropriate to read business letters and become aware of corporate events from e-mails. As usual, people have a rest in social networks, and they have no desire to look through advertisement campaigns or solve business matters.

advantages of email marketing

3 Confidence

If we compare contacts in social networks with e-mail ones we will see how are they different. As a rule, e-mail is made for a long time-usage — this is not a communication channel that changes in accordance with your mood, it has a businesslike character. Having one or more e-mail addresses is not gainfully for a user to change them – he can become estrange to those whom contact with before. Social networks has an entertaining character — in any moment you can deactivate your account and fall out of touch with people. That's why, e-mail is the best way to tell clients about your company promotions.

4 Up-to-dateness

Nowadays, e-mail – is not only the key e-marketing tool but also one of the mechanisms of the World Wide Web. None of purchases and site registrations can't be done without an e-mail address. That's why trigger letters and messaging letters will not lose edge for a rather long time.

5 Universality

In some cases, email marketing promotion is more effective than SMM promotion. As practice shows, companies, that provide commercial services or manufactured goods, usually are promoted in a complicated way. One of SMM success criterions is considered to frequently renovate content, but it is not an easy task to write engaging one for these services. In such situation mailing is free from risk, building up a segmentation, you get your target audience that is interested in information you send.

Email tricks

6 Email tricks

One of useful mailing tricks is an opportunity to track user's reaction on your email – you may know the percent of opening letters, topics actuality, promotional movement and helpfulness of offered links. If you decide to use emails for your business promoting but don't know how to begin — use mailing services. Besides strategy development and email campaign maintenance, you may get free development of adapted subscription forms based on your website style.

To sum it up,

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in business management and the best social media channel for today. If you are thinking over the ways of promoting your company – use both email and SMM! You can compare Mailing and SMM promotion for a long, but there is no a clear-cut answer which of strategies will be effective for your company. They have a similar goal, but different ways to success. Test it, improve customer communications, and be successful!

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