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The Best Way to Learn iOS App Development


The Best Way to Learn iOS App Development

It is excellent that you have decided to learn something new and you have made the right choice by deciding to learn how to code iOS apps, as nowadays app development specialist earn a lot of money and build really worthy and interesting apps for all of us. So that to play when standing in the line, or waiting for somebody. Now you see that they are used always and everywhere. To support your craving for knowledge we have formed a list to take some useful tips from.

Manuals that will be helpful

1 Swift Overview (Apple documentation)

Surely, Official Apple Documentation is the best way to learn iOS app development, as it's like a bible for a Christian; it is always of perfect quality. If you are a newbie in the iOS app development domain, here you are able to find a great introduction to the Swift world (language that is used to build iOS apps). There you can also get familiar with accompanied tools, like REPL, Xcode and Playgrounds.

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2 Ry's Objective-C Tutorial

You should know at least the basics of app development to be able to learn Objective C language. How to learn iOS app development with this guide? Easy! Since it contains pre-Objective-C knowledge, you will need an introduction to the iOS programming (Xcode, frameworks, philosophy, frameworks) and the language (properties, memory management, functions, blocks, classes, protocols, methods, etc.). The knowledge you will get from this is enough for a Swift developer if you don't want to go deep into Objective-C .

Learn iOS App Development

3 Stanford University iTunes video course

If you are the type that prefers videos over texts, then this method of learning iOS app development is right for you! Paul Hegarty will teach you the skills you need, from the basic to advanced topics. The main advantage is that you can learn it absolutely for free.

4 AppCoda

You can find topics like in-app purchases, making Apple watch apps, widgets, notifications core data basics, language tips and tricks and so on and so forth there. All of these tutorials are shown step-by-step with explanations in an understandable language.

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5 Git hub

This resource is the best way to learn how to create iOS apps fast by reading the code of other programmers and observing what they do, and learning good practices from them. There you can share code with others and create your repositories (private and public).

6 Coding Explorer

Is a new blog that is regularly updated. Its main trick is that the author of this blog is now also learning Swift. You can do it together with him or read interesting articles to learn how to develop iOS apps

7 iOS Dev Weekly

Hot news, tools, development tutorials, marketing and design articles - all you need for iOS app development - can be found here.

8 Tuts +

It is one of the best places for beginners. Their tutorials are really easy to read and the topics are all very interesting. Tuts + learn covers the basics of iOS app development you need to learn to make iOS apps (introduction into UIKit and Foundation, creating your first app, how table view actually works and so on).

iOS app development

Having read a lot of manuals, documentations, books and articles, and watched numerous videos, you will have enough knowledge. But these will not be enough without practice, so you know what to do first to become a skilled professional.

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