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TOP 5 Most Popular Online Marketplaces


TOP 5 Most Popular Online Marketplaces

Throughout the whole history of humanity people have been trading goods, various ones. With the development of technologies more and more new inventions have been emerging. The development of the internet is no exception. Due to this, the developers all over the world consider the idea of the creation of their  own e-commerce marketplace as one of the most perspective ones. However, when people are facing a question on how to build an online marketplace, they automatically find out lots of various problems and complications. Furthermore, they have a pretty complicated task on which online marketplace software to choose, which features to include to their projects and how to manage them. Due to this, it is really vital to look for the examples of other already successful marketplaces in the internet, examine their experience and try to follow the steps of those popular online markets, which have already reached several goals.

So, as the reader may already conclude, in that very article we are going to describe the top popular online marketplaces which may act like a suite to follow for those beginners, who are willing to arrange their own online shopping app or website. Thus, downstream I will give you a pretty detailed description of several widely known e-commerce websites and those features, which helped them to become so successful.

best online marketplaces

Why best online marketplaces are so popular?

While considering such an issue we ought to remind history a bit. As I have already highlighted earlier the development of trading is one of the most distinguished features of the humanity. And, as you may know people have always been looking for more and more new opportunities of selling and getting goods. The development of the Internet as a worldwide resource made it possible to hold various international deals in a pretty easy and simple manner, what may be really nice for those, who are interested in it.

Furthermore, the creation of such websites as Amazon, OLX or eBay became one of the key breakthroughs in the great history of the evolvement of such a field. They are extremely widespreaded not only because of the fact, that they are easy to use but also because of the fact, that the operations upon such platforms can:

  • Bring more revenues to the sellers;

  • Become a great field of special offers for the buyers;

  • Allow people to buy those goods, which are not available in their area and so on.

Thus, let me start our moderate list with those apps and sites, which are now playing the most important world role of the e-commerce giants.

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Top online marketplaces

Starting an online marketplace is a pretty important and responsible step in the life of any developer or businessmen, so, it may be important to follow those successful representation of the industry, which may give you several pretty nice advises and tips on the development of your own similar project. Here we are going to observe such popular resources as:

  • Amazon;

  • eBay;

  • Wish app;

  • Rover.

app like amazon


Frankly speaking we may say, that Amazon is the biggest and the most powerful representator of this entrepreneuring branch, which is possessing itself already as not only an internet-based shop but also as a new competitor of Virgin, or, simply speaking, a brand, which is trying to live its footprint in any possible industry, what is actually not really bad.

The history of Amazon started in 1994, when an american businessman Jeff Bezos created it as an e-commerce bookshop. However, as I highlighted earlier, nowadays Amazon is aimed on selling absolutely different goods and stuffs. Furthermore, it is occupying other industries. For instance, these days, Amazon is offering cloud services, with the usage of the Amazon resource called AWS, software products, analysis services with a self-made tool Alexa and even trying itself in making films. You may know, that when a BBC show Top-Gear was shut down, Amazon Media offered Jeremy Clarkson and his partners to launch a new project called Grand Tours, which has been filming through the whole year of 2015.

Today, Amazon has eleven global marketplaces in North America, Europe and Asia. Besides, Amazon spreads its functions over 180 countries in the whole world and has a supporting group of several million people if not couple billions. So, you may have a pretty logical question, what allowed to create an online marketplace with such a terrific popularity. For sure, we may say, that Jeff occupied a free place. Yes, despite of the fact, that it is true, there are also other reasons. First of all, Amazon has a giant selection of goods. When it was only a bookstore the set of products there was the biggest one in the net. Then, It has an awesome usability, design and user experience, what make it possible for the users to orientate within an app quickly and easily. Moreover, there are two more points. Namely, because of the personalised offers and suggestions it is really easy to make purchases, while various loyalty programmers allow you to save your money.

app like ebay


eBay is another really nice example. I believe, that even those people who do not use Internet have ever heard about it. eBay was created in 1995 basing on the success of Amazon by an american-iranian businessman Pierre Morad Omidyar. Despite of the existence of Amazon eBay was also able to become really popular. First of all it happened thanks to the creation of an opportunity of the online auctioning, what before was something impossible for the Internet. However, that feature nowadays is not the most popular one and the majority of the users in the Internet tend to recognise eBay as just one of the best buy now shops.

Due to a growing popularity, today, eBay is one of the main competitors for Amazon with an audience of more than 200 million active buyers. Furthermore, eBay now is having more than 190 special markets, what makes it a really selling titan of the net. It is needless to say, that thanks to that resource you may be able to sell and buy anything you want, from antiques and Lego to food and tools. For sure, is we are discussing those aspects, which should be followed by the beginning developers, we must mention several really nice aspects of that site.

Firstly, it is, of course, great selection of products, which has been already mentioned. So, in case if you need something eBay may be the best choice. Then, the platform offers various payment strategies from PayPal to paper money transfer, what, without a doubt, is one of the greatest features of that shop. Besides, we have to mention, that an e-commerce platform like eBay is offering various tutorials and tips to the beginning users, what makes it much easier to orientate within such a giant database of goods. Lastly, there are various shipping opportunities, what also is a pretty noticeable advantage. We also have to add, that thanks to the cooperation with such a resource as StubHub you are able to buy any tickets with the usage of that particular platform.

app like etsy


Etsy is one of the most popular ecommerce websites created in 2005 by a group of developers from the USA headed by Robert Kalin. Foe sure, it is not so widely known as eBay or Amazon but we may say, that it could be called one of the greatest ones. In support of that statement we could present some statistics. For instance, in 2015 the total number of selling items equaled 45 million goods, while the community of sellers was approximately 2 million people with a community of buyers close to 29 million people. Due to this, it is impossible to say, that Etsy is not popular among people, what automatically makes it a pretty good example. To be honest, Etsy is focused on selling of handmade products, vintage goods and novelty, what makes it an awesome choice for the fans of the old school stuffs.

While describing the list of the benefits because of which Etsy was able to become so popular we start the list with a classical variety of products. That is not strange at all, because people are willing to have a nice opportunity of choice, so, we can say, that the number of products equals the level of quality of that opportunity, what is pretty nice. Than, we have to mention, that personalised suggestions and offers are also playing a pretty vital role. Lastly, Etsy has a strong community of fans, what makes it possible for a website to develop properly.

app like bonanza


While talking about the question on how to create online marketplace it is impossible to forget about such an important marketplace as Bonanza. It was launched in 2007 and became one of the most popular internet-based shops in the world. While trading clothes, jewelries , accessories, gardening goods and home design stuffs it gained great popularity among the users in the world.

While listening the main features of that ecommerce shop we have to mention such things as:

  • Lower fees, comparing to other shops;

  • Automatic Amazon/eBay/Shopify import;

  • Really nice design and usability, what makes it easy to orientate within a site;

  • Tools for launch of CMC and really nice 27/7 servise.

apps like wish


The last but not least member of the list of most popular and great online shops is occupied with a shop app Wish. Wish online shop has become pretty popular not a long time ago. To be honest, it is focused on selling almost everything, just like Amazon or eBay. The main reason of its popularity and the desire of lots of developers to create the shopping apps like wish is the fact, that the whole shop is aimed on the mobile devices and the usage of the shop upon them. So, the app, which is presented in Google Play as well as in App Store is a great example of maybe one of the best ecommerce applications, where all the elements from the designing ones to those related to the checkout process are balanced.

In order to make a Wish marketplace developers were basing on several special features, which may help them to make their wish shopping website pretty popular. And, they are:

  • Wide range of goods;

  • Personalisation;

  • Great usability;

  • Good and simple design;

  • Steep discounts, which make it impossible for others to make the prices lower than those, which Wish has.

So, that is a list of those features, that I believe, have to be implemented to any developing e commerce project.

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Bottom Line

All in all, we may conclude that the creation of an online shop is pretty complicated and long going process. So, all the elements of your primary product have to be arranged in  balance. Furthermore, you do not have to forget about a golden rule of any good internet-based shop to put as many goods as possible. So, in the end I would like to only wish you all the best in your developmental career.

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