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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

TOP-5 Questions About Outsourcing to Ukraine


TOP-5 Questions About Outsourcing to Ukraine

For the last 25 years, Ukraine has been one of the best choices for outsourcing. It has a growing economy, a great amount of human resources and huge potential.

In this article, I’m going to answer 5 main questions about outsourcing to Ukraine.

1 Why should I choose Ukraine?

Well, after I give you some statistics data, you will understand why. According to itonews.eu, Ukraine has:

  • 90 000 IT professionals – it is #1 in Europe
  • 1 000+ IT service companies
  • 100+ multinational R&D centers
  • more than 30% of students choose IT related subjects in universities

These numbers are more than enough to provide you with qualified IT specialists. More importantly, Ukrainian workers are highly interested in jobs and even careers that foreign employers offer, probably because of low risk of dollar downing.

Also, Ukraine places 24th position in 2016 A.T. Global Services Location Index. That’s better than where it was in 2015 at 17th position Also, according to this rating, Ukraine is in the TOP 6 countries in Europe outsourced to.  Let’s not forget that this is just a great beginning.

2 Is it actually safe to outsource to Ukraine?

It depends on where and to whom you want to put your money and ideas. All parts of the Ukraine, except of Crimea peninsula, part of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, are safe. And even though Ukraine has such a difficult situation, there are more than 4 thousands IT companies, and every month this number grows.

It is broadly known that Ukrainian's prices for software development are definitely lower than, for example, Poland or Baltic states.

questions about outsourcing

3 How can I rely on a remote team?

Exactly as you do with a team in your country. Let’s be honest, if you are looking for remote team, you want the one that is well skilled, deadline-orientated and cheap. Otherwise you would be searching nearby.

You may do an investigation: surf the Internet, check their website, etc. It can say a lot about old and young companies. Another option is to call ex-clients (preferably not from Ukraine, perfectly from your country) and ask about their experience with the company. Also, you can always visit independent resources like goodfirms.co, clutch.co, extract.co etc. They have all of the necessary  information about IT companies, reliable or not, and they also list top ones.

Some Ukranian teams, Artjoker included, are familiar with Scrum technology (if you don’t know what it is, I recommend you read this article), so it will be even easier to communicate with them.

4 How can I keep in touch with my Ukrainian team?

In the digital era you can be anywhere, while the team is working on the project in Ukraine. Don’t forget about small time difference – only an hour or two for Europe. There is always a possibility of personal meetings in both ways: the clients travel to Ukraine or the team travels to the clients, especially for those who live in the US, Australia or Singapore.

5 Who can guarantee the quality of the required product?

Of course, you need qualified team, and there is about 20 000 of IT engineers graduating from Ukrainian universities per annum. But more important is the contract agreement, signed by both sides. You should carefully pay attention to each passage, especially the ones that concern the scope of the work. Technical specification is that place that guarantees the quality of the product; i.e., if the requirements will be set correctly.

If you choose to outsource in Ukraine, your decision should be well-informed and reasonable. Artjoker will help you turn your ideas into excellent results!

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