Trends in Internet Marketing 2022

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The pandemic has made adjustments in all areas of business. Buying behavior has also changed: it turns out that it is convenient to buy goods and services online without reference to location and time.

According to McKinsey, since the beginning of 2020, digital marketing has developed 30 times faster than before: some companies instantly oriented and improved their digital tools, and some tried online marketing and commerce for the first time and are actively increasing the pace.

General trends in digital marketing 2022


Creating "one size fits all" content and hoping to attract the most customers in 2022 is a bad idea. Usually, what suits everyone, in fact, does not bring any benefit.

When promoting a product, you need to clearly understand which target audience is yours, which segments it is divided into, what exactly about your product is of interest to CA segments, what content is preferred by segment representatives, in what format and on what platform. You should not only create maximally personalized content, but also understand through which channels and at what time to deliver it.

42% Percent of the people who participated in the Adobe survey said they were annoyed if content was not personalized. That's why brands should adjust content according to context - the effort will pay off if every person in every segment of your target audience understands that you hear and understand them.

Meta Universes and Virtual Reality

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg made an ambitious announcement: Facebook is developing the Metaverse - the next generation of social networks or even the Internet. You don't have to wait for Mark to develop the "Internet of the future" - you can try augmented reality as a new marketing trend as early as this year, using your smartphone and VR kits. Experts believe that VR marketing will be a breakthrough in 2022.

Trends in Internet Marketing 2022

What about content marketing?

According to Technavio, the average annual growth rate of content marketing in 2022 will be 16%. After all, among the tools of digital marketing, content is the most profitable: it is half as cheap as conventional advertising, generates three times as many leads, and generates 20% more organic than other tools.

The main trend in content marketing: short, entertaining, informative formats. At the same time, your content should be organic, lively, and authentic - i.e. not like advertising as much as possible. Video marketing is still the leader in this niche. Now most people prefer to watch a short informative video rather than read an article (even if it's fully illustrated). And if this video lasts less than 3 minutes, the likelihood that it will be seen through to the end is almost 100%.

Trends in Internet Marketing 2022 - 1

I.e. Tik-Tok and Instagram videos will still be popular and help keep customers' attention.

Statistics are inexorable:

  • About 80% of users buy an app or software after watching a video;
  • YouTube is the second most watched video in the U.S. (organic traffic);
  • Marketers believe that video marketing is a great tool for brands, and the financial results of 2021 clearly demonstrate this.

At the same time, videos should provide value to your target audience while also closing out your marketing goals: to motivate them to register for an event, sign up for a newsletter, or buy. If you already have commercials that give a lot of engagement, you can safely use them for advertising - that way you'll gather a warm audience.

Oddly enough, interest in the live format is developing in parallel with the trend for fast, high-capacity content. Clubhouse, LiveAudioRooms, podcasts on YouTube and Amazon - large companies know: the longer you keep attention, the better. Facebook has gone the furthest in this regard with audio rooms, live streaming for more niche conversations, and rils to attract organics.

Let's take a look at what we have to work on in each digital marketing channel in 2022.

Social Media


Some companies already use the social listening method to build or adjust their reputations, better understand their target audience, market really relevant products or effectively promote existing ones.

Feedback on your company's resources, in reviews, the experience of using the product, recommendations to friends - invaluable information that should be collected and used correctly.

Micro Influencers

Bloggers with audiences of up to 10,000 subscribers will become popular advertising "platforms" in 2022. Why?

The quality of subscribers to such small blogs is much better - the audience trusts the blogger more, is more engaged and active, and advertising is cheaper. Micro-bloggers are often "niche", so the likelihood that your ads will be seen by interested people is quite high. Some companies are already building their social media marketing using this method.

Direct sales in one click

Companies can already mark their products in publications. By clicking on the mark, the user buys the product directly on Instagram. He doesn't need to go to the site, register or make any unnecessary movements.

TikTok and Facebook are testing a service which will make it possible to sell goods directly during live broadcasts, and Alibaba and Twitter have already provided this opportunity to certain categories of users.This significantly simplifies SMM man's life: no more need to prove the effectiveness of social networks to owners - just create a business account and trade directly from Instagram or Tik Tok.

User content

Use your customers. As strange as it may sound. Why shoot and write yourself all the time when you can ask a customer to talk about your product in your account for a small fee. And then you just repost his review in your business account.

Statistically, such reviews are responded to 28% more often than company advertising content. That's because people are more likely to trust a "regular person" than a brand.

Key points for SMM strategies:

  • Among millennials and members of Generation Z, who make up the core of content consumers and the solvent audience, YouTube and Tik Tok, Instagram reels are the most popular. This means that people want bright, bold, informative content that they want to share.
  • The ideal platforms for advertising are Facebook and YouTube. The user bases here are highly lucrative.
  • For industry content and highly specialized knowledge, LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest and Etsy are mostly "female" platforms.

Trends in Internet Marketing 2022 - 2

New and important in SEO

SEO remains a classic promotional tool. But changes will affect it as well. Google believes in optimizing for people. And for the search engine to understand the user as a person, the developers have created machine learning algorithms BERT and MUM.

Therefore, the system, generating search results, focuses more on search intent. Search intent is the reason a person searches for something on the Internet. And the cornerstone of search engine optimization in 2022. By analyzing a search query, Google tries to understand its meaning and find all the relevant information. For example, when a user types amazon into the search box, the system understands that the person is most likely looking for an online store, not the Amazon River. That's why it's important to create content in 2022 with the user's search intent in mind.

How do you do that?

When examining the search results pages for some query, pay attention to:

  • The type of content. Is it a blog article, a video, or a website page with a specific product/service?
  • The format of the content. Checklists, reviews, guides, descriptions are all formats.
  • UTP - what qualities are brought out the most important? Is it possible to immediately understand what it's about?

What else is important in SEO

  • Comprehensive Approach

Search engines are getting smarter, so in search engine optimization you need to pay more attention to the value of the information you share with your users. Don't get bogged down in machine promotion methods.

  • Local SEO

GoogleMyBusiness tools are still relevant, free and effective. Use them intelligently, and customers will find you much easier to find.

  • Voice Search

Given users' desire for multitasking and "hands-free," voice search is a great tool. Optimizing web resources for voice search is no different than usual, because search engines still generate results in "written form".

This method has only one significant disadvantage for marketers - zero clicks.

Trends in Internet Marketing 2022 - 3

What's new in PPC

Automation is gaining momentum. Entrust the testing of ads, statistics, definition of ineffective or, on the contrary, the most effective CTAs to the program - this will help you to quickly identify ineffective ads and select a combination of the most effective tools in the PPC.

Artificial Intelligence. No longer an innovation, but AI will analyze, for example, keys, select ineffective ones, suggest low-frequency ones with long "tails", predict the number of clicks and the optimal rate for your PPC-companies.

Focus on the Buyer's Path

This year, PPC specialists should be looking in detail at the customer journey - from pain and social metrics to how customers dispose of information, what they save, and what ads they respond to.

Personal information

Google announced that cookies, which many marketers successfully use to customize ad campaigns, will cease to exist in 2023. Therefore, marketers should motivate customers to leave personal data - email, name, preferences - and analyze what, when, how, and under what conditions people buy.

A lot is not good

Experienced marketers know that a lot of leads does not mean a lot of sales. In 2022, you should focus on getting the most real paying customers. Integrate Google Ads and your CRM or collect information manually. A lead will likely cost more in this case, but there will be more conversions and the costs will come down fairly quickly.


Trends in Internet Marketing 2022 - 4

The world has changed. You can do practically everything remotely: buy food, different goods, work, control other people's work. All this is possible and easy with the help of mobile applications, and in the last two years their number has been measured in millions. What to do not to get lost among such offers of competitors?

Study your target audience

Why do people buy some apps and not others? What attracts them, annoys them, is it convenient? How well does your app work on different devices? By answering these questions, you'll immediately create a product that your target audience likes, and you can tweak your existing ones.

Focus on the keys

Select low-frequency keywords and key phrases with long "tails" to promote mobile apps. If you know your target audience well, this won't be difficult at all. Long descriptive keys close more search intent than high-frequency short queries.
Monitor the traffic and ranking of the app. Different factors influence its popularity: season, trends, competitors, even day of the week. Watch how certain keys work so that you can adjust your strategy in time to promote the app.

Conversion is your everything

Don't neglect simple A/B testing. Use native tests to choose the best options for any element of the app - icons, main image, screenshots. This way you will understand what users like instead of guessing, avoid wasting budget, and attract more customers.

The A/B testing feature is already integrated into Google Play and AppStore consoles, which makes ASO promotion much easier.

Content of the article


Speaking of new trends in marketing, experts in different digital niches agree on several points:

  • Study your target audience, make the customer, their intentions and desires the center of your brand/product/company's universe.
  • Simplify the user's life. Be accessible, from your social media presence and on Google Maps, to better delivery and after-sales service.
  • Simplify life for yourself. Automate every possible process, connect the artificial intelligence - let it do the routine work.
  • Be flexible, be responsive to change - it's happening more often and faster than ever.
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