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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Unique Content Checker Tools

Unique checks online allow you to make sure you have a unique content without downloading any software. The worst enemy of any blog or website is a duplicated content. If use it you can be banned or get removed from the search engines as well as its ranking can be dropped for all your targeted keywords.

A little bit of experience in content checker tools

I am a copywriter and usually write SEO articles that have nothing to do with duplications, only unique content matters. So when I was at the beginning of my career I was surprised with a quantity of unique content checker tools and at the same time was upset of being unable to check my texts infinitely with a competent tool and for free ;-) So I tried a lot of them and have chosen several that will be today to your attention with pros and cons.

Tools for checking text uniqueness

1 Copyscape

A tool with the help of which you can check your content. It is quite reliable and accurate tool, which provides the ability to search unpublished and published articles. It has either a free or paid sets. Paid includes checking of unpublished articles. This unique content check tool will search all website pages, pdf files, forums, etc.

There are inconveniences:

  • you cannot paste your text into the appropriate field
  • only use URL or the whole document

As for me, it is easier to copy and paste a text to check its uniqueness.

2 Grammarly

Very useful tool for those who are not sure in their grammatical skills and in the uniqueness of their content. Paid version proofread all your text and show all the mistakes you've made but deeper than in its free version.

unique content checker tools

3 Noplag

Noplag is a great tool. There are both free and paid versions. If you want to try this tool you may first try it without signing up, but there is only one query that is restricted by the quantity of characters (500) in free version. Then if you want to check unique content for free, sign up and you will have 10 free queries and also 500 characters maximum. But you can always create new mails to prolonger this process (time for bad advice). All the others privileges, like more characters and more deep checking are in its paid version. So pay and enjoy it if you want to.

4 PlagScan

As for me it is a very professional tool as it provides you with full reports on your checking and send its copy on the stated e-mail while registration. For detecting whether your content is unique or not and to use this tool you have to register and after confirming the link you have some quantity of credits that you can use to complete a unique check.

When you have already used all the given credits from this moment, you have to pay money for all further queries.

5 Plagiarism Software

The best tool, in my opinion, it is no surprising that I have left it for the very end. You know, it's a kind of a tasty dessert in the end of your dinner, or a swallow of water after a long-distance morning run. Trust me it really deserves to be read at the bottom of our list.

It has either free and paid versions like all the tools above. At the beginning, you can try it as an anonymous visitor, but only once trial per day. Then there is an opportunity to sign up and to make two queries of checking search engine optimization SEO text or plain article. And after all, this you have nothing but pay for your future actions. One more advantage is that you can insert a URL that should be excluded from search if you check a website page.

plagiarism software

Your personal choice

As always it's up to you to decide which tool exactly to choose and no matter which will be selected by you, they are all of great quality and undoubtedly meet your needs. All articles like this is a manual of simplifying life to others, you don't have to try all the tools of content checking all you need is to read an overview of the best ones and to choose one for you. Good luck and remember that content is King, but unique content is God.

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