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Web Development Trends That Will Rock the World in 2017


Web Development Trends That Will Rock the World in 2017

In this age of IT technologies development, you just can't stand aside and observe all those promising web development trends which are emerging every day and altering our everyday life. You have to be at the center of events. It is necessary to get knowledge from all relevant sources and always be up-to-date if you do not want to be backwards. Moreover, it is impossible for us even to imagine the existence of the modern civilisations without the development of technologies and all those booms of IT environment, which influence dramatically not only on the field of an entertainment but also on such important areas as modern economics, politics and even the security services, which in the very end form our reality and the everyday life of every person on the planet Earth. 2016 is coming to an end and this simply means that 2017 is about to bring something new in the domain of web building. What are those web technologies trends? Read them in this article!

Do not lag behind the web trends; keep up with the pace!

1 Bots

Simple web pages are no longer so widely used because they are getting more and more interactive. In no time our online activity will be so simplified by different interactive prompters that we won’t need to rack our brains at all. Now bots have gained great popularity and this is only the beginning. Everyone knows about the Slack tool used by most companies in the world for in-team communication. There you can also find a bot that greets you, asks your name and generates it automatically in your slack account, etc. Bots are beginning to pop up in many more tools and apps, and this has heralded the era full of online helpers, what makes them one of the most breakthrowing web development trends of 2017.


2 Motion User Interface

For the 21st century GIFs and various videos have already become an integral part of our everyday life. These days everything is so attractive and colorful, that it us absolutely not strange, that the users adore various animation innovations. These technologies are widely used for the creation of proper CSS design, what may allow you to make your experience of the usage of an app more comfortable. The latest version of MUI was developed with the usage of an animation queuing system,there are more flexible CSS frameworks, which give you an opportunity to operate upon any existing JavaScript platforms. It seems more and more likely, that the implementation of moving and motion animation within the Internet field will finally win that rivalry with the static images, due to the fact, that people, as well as any animals, usually choose something, what is brighter more interesting and entertaining.

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3 Be responsive

The main slogan of the world of the 21st century may be “Mobiles first!”, due to such a rapid development and evolution of any existing technologies, which are somehow linked with the field of portable devices. Everyday, someone, at least once, (not to speak of those dependent ones who literally live with their mobile phone in hands) search for some info in on the Internet, talk to someone or messaging, thus, there is a great need to make any of these operations as comfortable as possible. In case if your are involved into the area of web designing business, and still haven’t found out anything on responsiveness, it’s a right moment for you to you begin to introduce such technologies to your website in a way, that will help all your visitors to use your resources in the most efficient way possible. As you may have already understood, responsiveness is one of those top-notch features, which are necessary for any web resource. Besides, you can save on developing an additional resource as mobile app to ensure comfortable usage upon the smartphones and computers.

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4 One-page websites

Are you confused by multi-page websites, where a lot of tabs and pages make your online life so terrible and difficult? No worries, the era of one-page websites is on the way, which are becoming the top website  for 2017. This type of web resources is very popular among most big companies. They are easy to use, to scroll, and find information there. Moreover, they allow you to orientate within the resource in the best possible way you need and find any vital information for you without these long hours of searching. Besides, that influences the optimization of the web pages in a really good way, while increasing the level of popularity of your website and any other related resources.

5 Javascript is in the catbird seat

JavaScript is the future, besides so much talks about its shortcomings or weaknesses. Yes, no one argues that it doesn’t have weaknesses, but where can one find an ideal thing? Even Mac OS uses JS in its hardware. Moreover, its front-end libraries, like Angular, Node, React are gaining popularity so fast and a lot more smaller ones have also popped up.

No wonder JavaScript has become an essential part of basic web development stack in combination with HTML and CSS. And this fact speaks for itself, that the most popular website developers operate upon these technologies and no others. Moreover, they have acquired the reputation of one of the most reliable and up to date approaches, which act as the key foundation for the whole world of the Internet.

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6 Parallax effects

To be honest, that approach is pretty controversial, despite of the fact of its high level of the technological development not all the developers, businessmen and programmers are willing to implement that technology to their websites. However, not everything is so bad. To make it clear, it is one of the best ways of adding an extra dimension layer to a website, which can help you make your site more colorful, entertaining and interesting for all the potential users of it. Moreover, it can also be used to add a gorgeous 3D effect, which now are extremely popular. And, as you can see, such revolutionary technologies are competing roughly with more traditional and conservative approaches, which have been already invented in the field of cyber business and development.

Conclusion on the Best Web Development Trends

In this article, we have gathered all the promising trends of web development, which will soon change the world. However, we can not be 100% sure, which of these approaches, which now are becoming more and more popular will become the dominating powers in 2017, while occupying the key positions in all the rates of popularity. Because of it, the best decision for now will be to remain up-to-date with all those evolving technologies and approaches, which maybe one day become your main playing card. Moreover, it is also vital to remember, that while acquiring all the news on the developing technologies, you are creating your own intellectual foundation for further evolvement of your own ideas. And, who knows, maybe one day, directly you will become one of the inventors of a technology which will turn the world upside-down.

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