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Web Development Trends That Will Rock the World in 2017

In this age of IT technologies development, you just can't stand aside and observe. You have to be at the center of events. It is necessary to get knowledge from all relevant sources and always be up-to-date if you do not want to be backwards. 2016 is coming to an end and this simply means that 2017 is about to bring something new in the domain of web development. What are those trends ? Read them in this article!

Do not lag behind; keep up with the pace!

1 Bots

Simple web pages are no longer so widely used because they are getting more and more interactive. In no time our online activity will be so simplified by different interactive prompters that we won’t need to rack our brains at all. Now bots have gained great popularity and this is only the beginning. Everyone knows about the Slack tool used by most companies in the world for in-team communication. There you can also find a bot that greets you, asks your name and generates it automatically in your slack account, etc. Bots are beginning to pop up in many more tools and apps, and this has heralded the era full of online helpers.

bots trends for 2017

2 Motion User Interface

Animation, videos, and GIFs have become our everyday life. Everything is so zippy and attractive, so what else does a user need? It is widely used for fast creation of CSS transitions and animation to make your user experience more pleasant and comfortable. The latest version of the Motion UI has been integrated with an animation queuing system, flexible patterns of CSS which has more options for robust transition and can work with all kinds of JavaScript animation libraries. We are pretty sure that the usage of static image will fully give way to motion.

3 Be responsive

Mobile first is the motto of the modern world. Everyday, someone, at least once, (not to speak of those dependent ones who literally live with their mobile phone in hands) search for some info inon the Internet, send a message or make a call, so this experience should maximally be comfortable. If you are a website owner and still haven’t heard about responsiveness, it’s high time you began implementing it so that your visitors find it convenient to surf your website. As you can see, responsiveness is a must-have. Besides, you can save on developing an additional resource like mobile app to ensure comfortable use on mobile phones and laptops.

responsiveness - trend for 2017

4 One-page websites

Are you confused by multi-page websites, where a lot of tabs and pages make your online life so terrible and difficult? No worries, the era of one-page websites is on the way. This type of website is very popular among most big companies. They are easy to use, to scroll, and find information there.

5 Javascript is in the catbird seat

JavaScript is the future, besides so much talks about its shortcomings or weaknesses. Yes, no one argues that it doesn’t have weaknesses, but where can one find an ideal thing? Even Mac OS uses JS in its hardware. Moreover, its front-end libraries, like Angular, Node, React are gaining popularity so fast and a lot more smaller ones have also popped up.

No wonder JavaScript has become an essential part of basic web development stack in combination with HTML and CSS. And this fact speaks for itself.

6 Parallax effects

It is commonly used but not always called right. To make it clear, it is one of the best ways of adding an extra dimension layer to a website, which can also be used to add a gorgeous 3D effect.

Trends that will rock the world

In this article, we have gathered all the promising trends of web development, which will soon change the world. But we don’t know the ones 2017 have in store. So, remain up-to-date with evolving technology and maybe one day you will be so inspired to invent something of your own!

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