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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Web-tuning. 10 tricks for brand websites


Web-tuning. 10 tricks for brand websites

Choosing the material for today's post, I was definitely upset with the fact that there are so few worthy websites among US brands. It is unforgivable for small companies to have skimpy online representation in connection with the economy, but the brands have budgets! It seems like there is a bill on the website development in comparison with those millions that they invest in television, published press and other traditional advertisement mediums.

In the latest issue of «Web-tuning», chips to be implemented in the brand website. Show yourself in all your beauty:-)

1 Scale

The brand website is not the place for tiny pictures, icons or any other elements. You are the brand, so use a full screen. Scale is not only a trend of the season but also a necessary rule in case of a brand website. Place big photos on the website, use big types, and don't restrict yourself.

Example of scale McDCafe:

macdonalds brand website

2 Landing page

A brand website can be easily done within the limits of one page. For interactivity, I recommend to use such effects like parallax. With this, a person can realize the bravest ideas and arouse the visitor's WOW feeling.

Example of brilliant parallax effect on the website Officeline:

landing page brand website

3 Background video

Place the video as a background on a homepage. Enjoy it! The video should be high-quality, ideally created especially for the webpage, but not just a video for TV.

Example of background video on the website «Barrenly»:

background video within brand website

4 Drawn elements

Concept of many brands allows use of illustrations within the website. If you are among those whose positioning is not restricted by «solidity», add some pictured details. It can be either icons and other details or the whole graphic section.

Example of drawn elements on the website Candccoffee:

drawn elements within brand website


5 Creative menu

Flight of fantasy is welcomed on the brand websites and you can experiment to your heart's content with the location of a page's components, including the menu.

Example of nonstandard menu on the Geox websites Geox:

creative menu within brand website

6 Stories about brand

You certainly know about storytelling? Then involve its principles while creating pages with information about brand. Say “no” to boring patterns like “our brand has been on the market since xxx. It is qualitative and everyone loves it.” It is not interesting. Behind every brand there is a personality that has created it, a breathtaking story of wins and losses. Tell this story fearlessly.

Example of interesting information delivery about brand on the website Lindvest:

brand stories

7 Conceptual copywriting

Texts on your website should reflect the «soul» of your brand, its character. Trust the fact that people read texts on brand websites. Let it be short paragraphs with excellent copywriting, and not the long dismal sheets of needless words.

Example of conceptual copywriting on the website Skype:

brand website copywrtiting

8 Integration of activations with social networks

You certainly have the representation in social networks. Create competition activities integrated with social networks. It will cause a growth of subscribers and also increase the involvement in cooperation with the brand.

Example of integration with social networks by MakeShifters:

social network integration

9 Game element

You need and you should play with visitors. It will strengthen an emotional attachment to the brand. You can create your website either in game format or to add a separate game section.

Example of game website by Gallina Blanca:

brand websites

10 «Presence effect»

Do everything the way it will be interesting for visitors to get acquainted with information about the brand. For this occasion it is necessary to create a “presence effect” as if the visitor is not just surfing the website but is a part of it. You can achieve this with the help of original conception and its realization.

Example of visitor's involvement on the website «Golitsyn Wines»:

website of brand

That is all for today. In a week we will sum everything up and talk about the main chips of web-design later in the year.

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