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Web-tuning. 10 Tricks for Online Electronics Store


Web-tuning. 10 Tricks for Online Electronics Store

As we promised, we have renewed our web-tuning. column.Today we are going to share ideas about the ways of improving your online electronics store.

1 Background video

This trick has been used for a long time across various websites. Having hardly read the product description, you already picture yourself using it. Background video within the product page has an immediate effect on the user, and it perfectly attracts his attention and brings life to the website.

Demonstration of GoPro camera functionalon the website go-refuel:

background video for electronics store

Example of video at the homepage thisisbeyond:

estore of electronics

Example of background video on the website mmimontbeliard:

online electronics store

2 Product card in the catalogue

There is an opportunity to read information about the product without transitioning to the other page  for more user's usability while choosing the product. for more usability while choosing the product. One click and the user gets a full list of the product's settings, characteristics or the list of recommended items. 

Example of viewing the product without transition to the other page on the website Ezoneonline :

product card

3 Comparison according to characteristics

On choosing a product, we compare all its settings. Such an option is important for the electronics online store website, as the customer's choice will depend precisely on the advantages of one product or another.

A possibility of comparing several products on the website Digitalversus:

product comparison

4 Blog

A website’s information can be provided with the help of sections like «News» and «Blog». There are a lot of innovations in the world of electronics and technologies, so you can share the topical information with your clients according to a content-plan you have made. A blog will help set the communication with customers owing to the comments. SEO developers will be also happy: you can post articles there with keywords that in the future will be used in the website’s optimization and promotion. Search engines prefer websites where the content is regularly updated. Visitors who see useful information will visit the website again.

Example of blog on the website PayTM:

blog within webstore of electronics

5 3D view of the products

For sales growth and order volume, it is necessary to implement additional modules of conversion growth: related products, gift products, discount products, guarantees, and setting packages to the product.

Example of 3d demonstration of product on the website Stadlelform:

3d view of products

6 Additional modules

For sales growth and order volume it is necessary to implement additional modules of conversion growth : related products, gift products, discount products, guarantees, setting packages to the product.

Cross-sale block on the online-store   Ncix:

online store of electronics

7 Extraordinary footer

An online store presupposes exclusively strict and informative content, but there can always be found a place for some fun. Entertaining elements will attract a customer's attraction and it will stick to his memory.

Example of extraordinary footer on the website thinkgeek:

ecommerce website of electronics

8 Topical categorization

One of the conversion elements on the online-store website is the grouping of products by topical categories. Thus, a client can buy, in addition to the kettle for a townhouse, a lamp, wireless charger or something else that he scarcely had a desire to look for.

9 Scale product card

Even if the product fits into the palm of the hand, this is not the reason to place tiny photos in its description. Scale and large type are not only a trend of web-design but also an obligatory conversion element.

Example on the website Uncrate:

product card of electronics

10 Video instead of description

To watch a one-minute video is much easier than reading a big description, especially when it is about technology. Moreover, you can place much more information in the video and it is easier to perceive it. So  a product video-card the perfect solution for an electronics online store.

Example in the online-store thinkgeek:

Video-creation is a great marketing mix. You can make a video description of the product, directions for use, and to hold the crash-tests, all to attract clients by any means. Then you can upload all the videos to YouTube.

Example of the online-store channel NCIX:

electronics store

Look for inspiration on the websites with a single topic and constantly improve your online store. Next week we will share the new portion of chips for the website. Follow the news!

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