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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for a Beauty Websites


Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for a Beauty Websites

A notion of beauty has been changing over time. Nowadays there are no glossy magazines willing to place on the cover a woman for whose love were the wars in ancient times. And cosmetic companies have influenced much of the perception of beauty. They sell elixirs of beauty in boxes and bottles.

Today's post is devoted to figures of beauty domains such a god-fairy who turns a Cinderella into a princess. Especially for you I have selected 20 chips of such «injections of conversion».With this help you will be able to attract more online clients.

1 Full-screen result photos

As people buy cosmetics to become more beautiful, show your website visitor the effect of using your cosmetics from the first second of being at your resource. And it will be better to provide the help of placing a big photo of a model who has used your cosmetics ot the homepage.

A lot of companies place on their websites big photos of their product. This is good, but remember that people buy emotions, not a bottle of cream. Even if every woman understands at heart that an ideal face is the result of designer work and not cosmetics, it shows there is hope. And where there is hope, there is purchase.

Example of big photo on the website Laroche-Posay:


2 Pop-up filter

If you want to freshen your menu with filters of cosmetics, you can get away from the sidebar menu and make a filter hidden by default and make it appear by clicking an element. It will receive all the wideness of the screen at hand, and you can place the filter above the block with cosmetics.

Example of realization of pop-up filter that is placed above the product block:

beauty website

3 Photos of those who added a wishlist

Practically in all online stores there is an option, «Add to wishlist.» A few go forward and use the element wishlist for increasing a conversion of their resource. For example, you can place near the product a block with photos of those who have already added this item to the list of wishes. As it is a social argument (people like it and then I want it).

Example of photos of people who added in wishlist on the website Garnier:

beauty webstore

4 Instagram feed of users’ photos

Instagram is an obligatory theme for a beauty domain. And besides, to use content where the customers boast of their transformation after using your cosmetics may be more efficient than broadcasting information about the products.

Example of Instagram feed with photos by clients on the Maybelline website:

ecommerce beauty website

5 Expanded feedback filtration

Efficiency of one or another cosmetics is defined not only by its quality, but also by individual peculiarities of a customer. You can just choose a hair-dye that doesn't fit your hair type, for example. That's why an extended filtration of feedbacks is as appropriate as never before. You can objectively estimate whether this product suits us or not by looking at the feedback of buyers similar to us by appearance.

Example of feedback extended filtration on the Garnier website:

ecommerce beauty website

6 Blog like a glossy magazine

If you have decided to start a blog on your website, then I recommend to work not just on article content but also on design. Let your blog become a great replacement for all the women's gloss. As there are a lot of topics in the beauty domain.

Example of blog design on the website Lancome:

beauty store

7 Filter for every category

Every product category has its peculiarities and sometimes there are so many categories that it's better not to generalize but to carry a filter for every category (for example: mascara, shadows, lipstick, anti-age cream).

Example of individual filtration on the Maybelline website:

online beauty shop

8 Pop-up product card

To simplify moving throughout your website, save your user from needing to jump on a separate product page.

Make something like a mini-card with information on a product, placing key conversion elements on it — from a qualitative photo and description to a call to buy button.


Example of pop-up product card on YSL:


9 Simply about difficult innovations

If you read some advertisement of some cosmetic company, one may think they sell a real magic inside the bottles. Bring this message not only within your published activities, but within your website telling about technologies and innovations. However, do this in a simple way, without going to pieces and writing hundreds of symbols. Tell your client in an understandable way why they should choose you and your product.

Example of understandable information about technologies on the website Lovelula:

copywriting for beauty website

10 Stylized slider

With the help of a slider, many people show the information about new arrivals and the best offers. But in the case of a beauty domain, this slider should be impossibly beautiful and stylish down to the minute particulars, such as elements of banner switching in the slider.

Example of stylized slider banner switching on the Giorgio Armani website:

 for beauty site

Example of extraordinary slider on Garnier:

slider  for beauty site

11 Pop-up with extended arguments

Suggesting your female visitors a discount on their first purchase or subscription, provide an argument in favor of filling in the pop-up forms.

Example of arguments in pop-up by Lancome:

pop-up  for beauty site

12 Bonuses for an e-purchase

If you have trade representative either online or offline, then stimulate website customers to buy on the internet by offering them special promotions they won't find anywhere else.

Example of motivation of purchases through Internet by Feelunique:

bonuses  for beauty site

13 Filter by needs

Let's pretend that a customer doesn't understand what exactly he needs. How will he be able to find a product he needs? Suggest choosing a cosmetic dependent on the problem he has faced, such as wrinkles, rings under his eyes, or short eyelashes.

Example of filter by need on the website Garnier:

filter  for beauty site

14 Very extended filtration

The choice of cosmetics demands an individual approach but on the website there isn't a possibility to take a client by the hand and help make the right choice. That's why an extended filtration by range can partly solve this problem and help a person choose the product that will fit her the most

Example of extended filtration within the Cultbeauty online-store:

extended filtration  for beauty site

15 Visualization of beauty product series

Through photos and text, you can denote the aim of every product and what sort of problem it solves.

Example of realization:

visualization  for beauty site

16 Noticeable subscription form at the footer

Usually at the footer is someone placing offers on subscriptions then making them noticeable as a pure formality, but not for conversion. However, filling in the form should be noticeable.

For example, like this:

subscription  for beauty site

17 Loyalty program

So clients come back, it is necessary to develop relationships with them, like offering a system of cumulative points or bonuses on further purchases. You can even create a membership club that can be joined only by your clients who receive constant encouragement for being devoted to you.

Example of loyalty program in the form of membership club by Pixibeauty:

loyalty program  for beauty site


18 Multi-functional feedback block

When you need to display on the website the opportunities of cooperation with you not only for clients but also for distributors and potential co-workers, you can implement a multi-functional feedback block where every visitor will have an opportunity to choose the thing he really needs.

Example of suchlike block with contacts on the Parispresents website:

feedback  for beauty site

19 Benefits at the homepage

Create a separate block with presents and promotions on the homepage calling to execute profitable purchases right at the time. These blocks are especially important during holidays, such as New Year.

Example of involving offers to the New Year holidays by Lancome:

benefits of beauty site

20 Instructions for using a mobile application

Mobile applications are irreplaceable for those “beauty sellers” who work directly with clients but not through trade representatives, like Avon, Oriflame, etc. But you also need to explain to your customers how to execute orders with the help of this application. That's why you need to place instructions on the website using your application.

Example of instruction on the L'oreal website:

beauty mobile apps

This is all for today! Next Thursday we are going to talk about 20 chips to be implemented on a sports website.

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