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Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Delivery Food Online-service


Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Delivery Food Online-service

Raise your hand for those who had never used the service of a food online delivery. No matter whether you ordered pizza, Chinese noodles or sushi. Everyone has such an experience for sure. Successful or not, everything depends not only on service and product, but also on a website where the order is executed, as even delicious food will seem untasty if photos of low-quality are posted on the website. In today's article we are going to talk about the ways to improve a food delivery website with the help of web-tuning.

I'll point out that first of all the service should be improved (order receipt and processing, delivery terms, bonuses, loyalty program), as well as the product (food quality, its range).. As having done minor repairs, decayed walls all the same will be destroyed, and then upon freshening up a website you shouldn't wait for big results. Improvements should be done complexly.

Let's pretend you have gone about improvements of business processes and in short terms you receive orders and deliver food that is really liked by the clients. You have all this. And now it's high time the orders were more. Here is where web-tuning will help you. Here are 20 chips that can be implemented on the website of food delivery service.

1 Extended filtration

Usually one can find categorization of menu items only by the types of dishes. For example, pizza, sushi, salads, desserts, beverages, etc. What I suggest is to move forward and create a filtration by taste characteristics and ingredients (spicy, without onion, without garlic, without meat, with mayonnaise, etc.)

Such filtration will significantly simplify the choice for new clients that are not oriented in your food range and don't have an idea what kind of food there will be to their taste. It will be easier to understand with the help of such a filter. As for regular customers, then they are willingly choosing something new. Do you know that the wider choice a person has, the lower a possibility that he will purchase? With the help of filtration you can narrow this choice.

2 Enormous food photo

I don't understand how some can neglecting the power of the food photo on this kind of websites. You will say that your food is awful. I'll say that there is no awful food, there are bad photographers. You should pay them generously. Because website visitors estimate its taste exclusively by photo (surely if they haven't tasted it earlier).

I suggest using big food photos you offer within your website. This way even a portion looks enormous and an appetite makes a customer buy all these delicious things.

Example of using enormous photos within Gethotboxpizza:

food website

3 A possibility to add stuffing

Offer clients supplementary ingredients they want by themselves. Everyone has its own taste and for more convenience you should offer an option of self completing, selling only a standard set you forget about gourmands who love combining lard and corn in the pizza, for example. As satisfying the most unexpected tastes you, will be able to gain a clients' loyalty and stimulate them to come back all over again.

Example of «re-take» option «PizzaInn»:

stuffing option

4 Visualization of ingredients

Dish composition is undoubtedly interesting but why restrict ourselves with a dull list of ingredients if you can do a visualization? At least add a picture of every component. Remember that the main hero on the food website is meal; involve it as much as possible.

Example of visualization on Barbaris:

food delivery services

5 Delicious texts

If you write a description to each position in your range then let it be brief, capacious and very tasty. Use words that will be the reason to drool over everything. And even within the pages dedicated to the process of preparing, try using less terminology and more understandable words for a client's stomach.

Example of delicious description of a burger preparing process on the Emporium Pies:

delivery of food

6 Online-broadcast of preparing processes

It's better to show once thanm saym 100 times. Especially if you have nothing to be shy about ;-) Install special equipment in the kitchen and broadcast a preparing process of dishes online.

Example of online-broadcast on the website of«Dodo pizza»:

preparing process

7 Online-consultant

It may seem like a trivial trick you can't get it for love or money on the websites on food delivery.

Example of online-consultation on Barbaris:

delivery services

8 First order discount

Motivate your first clients on the purchase with the help of a discount. It is especially strong with actual food. We often doubt whether we like this dish or no

Example of providing the discount to new visitors on Mouth website:

how to improve online delivery services

9 Instructions on eating

This thing will be great for those who have a specific range, something that a domestic inhabitant isn't knowledgeable about. Although for creating a cheerful atmosphere on the website you can show a funny instruction even on eating trivial dishes like pizza. Involving fantasy customer can invent a lot of new methods and share them with clients.

Example of instruction on eating Mouth:

food ingridients

10 Topical sets

Unite your range in topical sets, connected with lifestyle, mood, events, and holidays. Basing on a portrait of target audience you can invent a lot of product sets as if you know your clients' taste and preferences you can understand what is actually for them and what is not.

Example of topical set by Mouth:

topical sets

11 Minimum of text in the product card

Don't distract attention from your potential client with a wasteful description of every item. As I wrote above in the point 5, texts are to be delicious but there shouldn't be a lot of them. You needn't fill cards with re-optimizated cool words. There is no place for them at all.

Example of card with minimum of text on the «Pizza Dominos» website:

yummy foodie

12 Nonstandard cart location

As a delivery service is not the same with an online store, you can experiment with its location. Surely a place should be noticeable, but you can and even should risk it with location. Because a solution can turned out a conversion one. Just hold A/B tests for approving the most efficient variant.

Example of a nonstandart placing of the cart

pizza delivery

This is the way an active cart looks like:

cart with in food delivery website

13 Call to save money

Create a separate block with money-saving offers and even make a special call to action button with a call to immediate economizing. This trick will surely raise sales as people usually rely on the price before making decisions. That's why it will be a great advantage for you to give people an opportunity to pay less.

Example of call to economize:


14 Legibly and clear about delivery

If online-stores have already cut their teeth hiding inside the conditions of delivery, then food delivery services are still neglecting providing the legible information about delivery conditions.

15 Navigation visualization

In the first point I mentioned about the extended filtration. this point is quite similar, but instead of habitual lists in the form of a text, you can do it a bit more joyful, «decorating» every ingredient with an image. You can do it only if adding visualization and making the block with navigation simple and clear, but not charging it.

Example of navigation visualization on Boarshead:


16 Components by way of infographic

I've written in the 4 point about the fact that ingredients should be visualized. Now I suggest moving forward and showing the product in a section and to describe its composition in the view of the infographic. On proper execution there will be a very delicious view.

Example of information delivery about components in the view of infographic Russos Retail:

components of food delivery website

17 Mention nutrition facts of a product

The information about nutrition facts will be very useful if your target audience at least makes an impression to keep an eye out for the food it is eating. A girl keeping to a diet will see that there are 100 kl in the rolls and will buy at least five portions.:-)

Example of information on nutrition facts on the «Red Robin website»:

food delivery website

18 Noticeable loyalty program

It is important to involve people in re-buys. And loyalty programs with an accumulation of points, bonuses and other pleasant things work to the good. Implement them in practice. One more important thing is to display the information on the loyalty program within the website so everyone has the possibility to join it.

Example of loyalty program section design on «Papa Johns»:

food website loyalty program

19 Upsale in the cart

Offer a client to add some ingredients to the order inside the cart. List those additions that will make the food more delicious; mention their price and size of portion. For one order added, 3-6 dollars are not so tangible, but for you, if there are hundreds of such orders, it is a good margin.

Example of Upsale on «Papa Johns»:

food upsale in the cart

20 Mobile application

Nobody but food delivery services need to become closer to mobile users. And you can't get along only with a responsive website; you need to develop a mobile application so it is convenient for your clients to make an order any moment.

Encourage users to install this application and make orders with the help of it. Give a discount, for example.

Example of motivation to use mobile application by «Get Hot Box Pizza»:

food delivery application

For what it's worth about mobile application, I want to point out that we have developed a budgetary solution that will help you test the waters before developing something large-scale and expensive.Such a solution is a "Food Delivery App " — template, based on which you create your own mobile application where you can:

  • add/edit/delete menu (photos, name, price texts)
  • manage menu sections and categories (add new one, assign them to commodity item)
  • a possibility to provide an additional information about your business (description of activity, contact information, etc.)
  • view the orders on food delivery (where, whom, when?)

With the help of "Food Delivery App you will get more orders from mobile users and also save time and money on the development of a separate mobile application. Try free the demo-version from Google Play..

food delivery app

That is all for today. Next Thursday we are going to talk about chips for beauty online stores.

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