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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Online Clothes Shop


Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Online Clothes Shop

Every online entrepreneur wants a website to be efficient. There are no limits for this aspiration for perfection. You can improve your web-project either at one fling, holding global re-design or gradually implementing new doo-dads that yield results. So you have an opportunity to draw the ideas of improvement, we have decided to implement a new column «Web-tuning», within the limits of which we will suggest a number of ideas for your website that you are able to implement immediately after reading the article.

I want to point out that a thoughtless copying of ideas won't yield results and every experience should be adapted to the peculiarities of your positioning in the market of your target audience and character of proposal.

As a business field, the website is related to and has an influence on the result of one or more chips. We have decided to attach every article to a separate category. Today, in the first issue of “web-tuning,” we are going to talk about the online clothes shop.

Well, you will be offered 20 chips, which will be admired by visitors of your online clothes shop.

1 Function of fast shopping

If there are a lot of items in your online-store where a visitor can easily get lost, then an option of fast shopping will be to the point. Moreover, you can regulate yourself what product to offer within the limits of this «fast shopping,» including discount products, bestsellers, new arrivals or all together.

Example of call button to begin shopping in Leximiller:


There is a great variant to make the transfer to the mode of fast shopping in the form of pop-up menu, and there will no need to jump to the catalog section.

Example of realization:

2 Extraordinary categorization

In addition to the usual filters traditionally placed on the sidebar menu or at the header, develop an extraordinary categorization of clothes in the form of beautiful elements of navigation by styles, colours and even by the customer's character. This trick will certainly work out for women.

Unique categorization by Modcloth:

e commerce

And one more example by Pand:


3 Product photo on the whole screen and even outside the boards

The online clothes shop is the place where photos sell. In that case, the photo should be of the highest quality so it can be easily placed on the full screen. Make an illusion like a Gulliver in the world of Lilliputians. The effect will be marvelous with a proper design.

Example of full-screen photo:

online clothes shop

clothes for sale

4 Nonstandard cross-selling blocks

Blocks with related, common or recommended products as a rule looks the same way on all the online stores. I suggest switching on a fantasy and distinguishing yourself! Undoubtedly, a block should be noticeable as its role to arouse a customer's desire to make further purchases, not to let them go after adding the first purchase to their cart. There are a lot of ways to be noticeable, especially if you find an extraordinary approach.

Example of nonstandard block of recommended products in Breezyexcursion:

website of clothes

5 Accent on a text

Be in love with the text because it often seems that online stores hate text more than abandoned carts, placing them so neglectfully in the most unnoticeable parts of the website.

What if you do more accents on the text than on the photo? You may think it is insane, but why not if you have a great designer and professional copywriter at hand?

This is the way a page with an accent on the text looks like: Leximiller:

site of clothes

6 Good copywriting

And as a continuation to the topic of texts, qualitative copywriting can be distinguished as a chip. According to the analysis of the majority of domestic online stores and not only of clothes, neglect it. Texts are still written for robots and a normal person will fall asleep while reading them. Add some emotion, originality and character to your texts, and the result won't be long in coming.

Example of qualitative copywriting on the Allsaints:

e commerce website

7 Feedback form that is desirable to be filled in

Gathering the feedback from customers is a headache for every online store. What if you created a form that is impossible not to fill in, as it is so usable and pleasant?

This is the way the feedback form looks on Modcloth:

website of clothing

8 Detailed feedbacks

When the question is about clothes, then the satisfaction of a customer is defined not by quality but by the way the product fits. For two women of different dimensions, the same dress can be either ideal or awful and baggy.

That's why the feedback should be detailed by dimensional characters of a customer, so a potential client can pay attention to the concurrence of the author's sizes with yours and make a decision about whether this product fits you or not. And also such detail gratefully compensates for an absence of a fitting opportunity.

Example of detailed feedbacks on Modcloth:

fashion store

9 Location of photo in the center

The typical placement is the photo on the left and text on the right. But what if placing the text information on the sides and the photo in the center is better?

Example of locating the photo in the center by Gslovesme:

fashion online store

10 Big background video

Big background images look good, but videos are awesome. It adds not only dynamics to a website but also allows you to highlight the character of your brand. Don't think a video can only be used by a luxurious online store. Video can become a great tool of conversion for visitors into buyers, even for mass-markets.

Emotional background videos on the website Buddhatobuddha:

fashion webstore

11 Horizontal navigation

If you are planning to make a global redesign, then try to place content blocks horizontally, not vertically. Such a nonstandard navigation will be approved by audience, which appreciates everything extraordinary. If such a type of clients is yours, then ACT!

Horizontal navigation on the Kipling website :

online fashion

12 Product card right in the catalogue

Familiarize yourself with the product details from the catalog without jumping to a separate page. You can gain this by expandable blocks and an activation of the product card with detailed information about it and even the button, «Add to cart.»

Such a card appears when clicking on the product in the catalogue:

online fashion boutique

13 Nonstandard form of subscription

Online stores often suggest subscribing to promotions and news somewhere at the sidebar, at the footer, during the checkout or with the help of pop-ups. As a rule, these are unnoticeable elements or, on the contrary, excessively intrusive. I suggest finding the golden mean to make the elements with subscriptions more noticeable, stylized and attractive.

Example of stylish subscription in the online-store by Breezyexcursion:

fashion ecommerce

14 Possibility to choose a frequency of mailing

It is quite a simple option that is rarely used. Offer a person to choose himself the frequency with what he is willing to receive mailing from your online store. The frequency of further canceling of subscriptions should be reduced with such an approach.


ecommerce site

15 Clients' photos

Implement a small gallery where the customers themselves boast of purchased new items. Your customers will trust you more and there will be fewer questions like, «Is the dress the same as it is in the photo?»

Example of placing the customers' photos at the product page of Modcloth online-store:

e commerce site

16 Involve clients in storytelling

Instead of traditional feedback, you can ask people to tell their stories. Such a format will add some heart to communication between the seller and customer.

This way on the Leximiller online-store clients are involved in storytelling:

e-commerce site.

17 Magazine-like blog

A blog is a necessary addition for an online clothes shop. In the presence of a qualitative editor, you can even present the competition to a glossy magazine. Take the interviews, do the reviews of trends, publish lookbooks, and advice on style. It is a great opportunity to involve all your fantasies.

A blog of Pand online-store :

ecommerce blog

18 Nonstandard way of telling a story «About us»

What can you tell me about your online store? However, you must do it without standard phrases like «Welcome,» «We are great,» or, «We are leaders.» Try to fantasize, so that the product page maximally reflects your company's character. It is recommended to involve not just a copywriter but also a designer, as together they are able to create the real masterpieces.

Great example of company information page design:

about us

19 Holiday shopping

New Year is coming and along with it the season of mass shopping hysterics. We won't just buy up presents, we'll decide to dress up ourselves to the parties and also to buy the future new life we will certainly begin on the 1st of January. Prepare your online store for these events, and begin now already.

Read in this article how to prepare your online store in the best way for the holiday season.

Ready-for-holidays  Macys online-store:

fashion shopping

20 Character at the footer

At last we are adding the finishing touches that will give uniqueness to your online-store, raise positive emotions or just commit to memory at once after the first visit. Let's place cute or funny characters at the footer.

Such a pug is sitting at the footer of Modcloth:


And the same pug in the blog:

shopping blog

And next week we will talk about 20 tricks for food delivery services. 


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