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Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Online-store of Home Decoration


Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Online-store of Home Decoration

Cold weather has come and there is no desire to go out, although we have half a mind to stay at home. Someone prefers wrapping himself up in a rug and watching a movie or the new season of a favorite series. Someone likes to read a book sitting near the heater, and someone, having gathered with company, plays table games. But as pleasant as it is to be at home, it is necessary to settle everything around you in a great comfort and every detail add +10 points to slate of cosiness.

In today's «web tuning» we are going to talk about online-stores, where these «cozy» things are sold. If you are a representative of such a type of business, it is obligatory to read this article, as you may find in it 20 chips, which make the process of choice much easier and more comfortable for visitors of your web-project.

1 Photos, but not the icons in the menu

Nothing but decor elements or some knick-knacks for home are bought. Cute, trendy and just a good color – we'll take this. That's why, displaying a navigation menu by categories instead of graphic icons, it'll be better to use high-quality photos.

Example of photo usage in the categorizer:

And one more good example of menu with photos:

2 Album-like section title

One can use headlines with filter visualization by categories to cause an impression as if the website visitor is leafing through the big catalog if not an album. Detailed elements in combination with typography with the right usage will give a strong visual imagery.

Example of headline decoration of section page similar to the album one on One Kings Lane:

3 Big photos

If your products are tiny, this is not the reason to show them in a small size throughout the website. Big photos are always a great solution, especially for those who sell the product frequently chosen precisely by its appearance.

Either photos of goods or compositions that include it, can be used on the website.

Example of using big photos on Zarahome:

Example of big photos on One Kings Lane:

4 Experiment with placing of conversion elements

While visiting your website, people expect something extraordinary, as often the process of home decorating is quite artistic. In connection with it, one can experiment even with the location of conversion elements, such as call to action buttons on the product page. It doesn't mean they are to be hidden in the most unexpected places, but, for example, you really can change places with a product photo.

Example of the way you can swap the places of the elements on the product page by One Kings Lane:

5 Block with gift ideas

As a rule, when we don't know what to present, we choose some cute knick-knack for home decorating. It is not only for a New Year but also for some other holiday, like a birthday. And this means you should do the blocks with gift ideas on your website, categorized by characteristics of a man, woman, child, friend, beloved, colleague, etc., and even by price.

Example of blocks with models on the Dawanda website:

Example of cost breakdown on Сrateandbarrel:

6 Module of gift selection

A module of gift selection can become a useful function for your online store. A user fills the data and you make an individual product selection for him/her in accordance with the information given.

Example of gift selection module by Dawanda:

7 Topical product selection

Combine advantage for user with commerce – make the topical selections with ideas on home cosiness creations (for example, home interior decorating) and add products with the help of which it can be implemented.

Example of topical selection by Joss&Main:

8 Texts, made with care

On the website of small things that create the homeliness, there is no place for boredom and insensibility. Fill every piece of text that appears in the online store with warmness. Write with soul, so that the person wants to buy the thing he/she has just read about.

Example of heartwarming text on MuleDesign:

9 Extraordinary page «About us»

Since you sell such interesting things, then the page with information about your company should be done in an extraordinary way. Instead of standard phrases, like what year you established your business and what a qualitative product you sell, describe how the idea of an online store opening was germinated, who helped you with it, and how you have been developing. Tell an interesting story and show your team; it will strengthen an emotional connection with the client.

Example of interesting company information delivery by Fortyonetwenty:

10 Hints

If you want to achieve a certain action from a person, suggest it with a call to action but also with a pop-up window. Guide the website visitor to the conversion.

Example of hint on One Kings Lane:

11 Deep argument for the registration

Since you want to implement an obligatory registration, then make a proposal no one can refuse. Visiting a number of online-stores, I found out that a lot of them don't allow you to visit the website until you give them your email address and invent a password. But to do it is a delight because I'll obtain discounts on purchases for it!

Example of argument for registration on the One Kings Lane website:

12 Quick view on the product card

This is the general advice. You don't have to make a person jump to a separate product page to get acquainted with a product and to add it to their cart. Provide brief information with a photo, small description, “traps” such as free delivery, etc., and design it as a pop-up window upon clicking the product in the catalog.

Example of pop-up product card:

13 Holiday products

Make the blocks with products connected with holidays. It can be Christmas decorations and also some special small things for Halloween, Easter, Independence Day, etc. Yes, it will be a seasonal selection, but it will certainly raise your sales during the season.

Example of holiday selections by H&M Home:

14 Activated filter

For a search usability of the necessary item for a client, make a convenient filtration. In order to add some spirit and to step aside from a sidebar menu, you can do an element on it that is moving apart upon clicking.

Example of the filter that is activated by clicking on it on the H&M Home website:

15 Possibility of cooperation

Attract talented designers, decorators and hand-makers into cooperation. Place information about what you offer and what you expect in exchange.

Example of block with call to cooperation on Etsy:

16 Detailed footer

If on the header you need to get rid of the odd text blocks, having left photos and a call to action, then in the footer you can place all the information you can't refuse. Either it can be information on delivery and payment or a form of subscription on distribution, social networks and other details.

Example of detailed footer by Dawanda:

And one more example:

17 Stylish blog

Your corporate blog should become an e-version of interior magazine. It's important not only to post useful articles but also to make a showy effect, so the visitor thinks as if he is handling a heavy, glossy magazine.

Example of stylish blog on Canvashomestore:

18 User generated content on a product card

Instead of a thousand words, offer your clients an opportunity to upload their photo on the product card, as nothing characterizes the product better than its photo in action.

Example of user generated photos by Westelm:

19 Free catalogue for extended data

It is almost the same with a white book. Suggest to your visitors to get a magazine (either electronic or printed) with information about how to create an atmosphere of warm and coziness with the help of your products in exchange of your data. Mind that you can ask more than just the name and email. For example, if you suggest sending a printed version, then you should at least inquire as to a post address.

Example of form for getting a free catalogue:

20 Instagram activity

You can't have a mobile application or even a mobile version of the website, but you are obliged to have an Instagram account. Users of that social network don’t just love the food photos but also something extraordinary . Take a photo, post it, put hashtags on it, and it will bring you happiness in the form of new clients :-)

Example of Instagram account by Heyneedle:

That is all for today. In a week we'll puzzle out 20 chips that should contain every brand website.

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