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Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Sport Websites


Web-tuning. 20 Tricks for Sport Websites

Moving, not only life but also a possibility to get warm in winter colds :-) And they are so close. There is no denying the fact that in many cities there is a snow already that has covered all the roads and even the places where there is still grey asphalt. Patterns on the windows are already delighting everybody's eyes.

It is not a surprise that during the wintertime people begin joining sports clubs,, like gyms, yoga classes and other places where you can move with profit to your health.

And in today's issue of «web-tuning,» we are going to talk about what to improve in the sport websites in order to receive those who have decided to go in for healthy lifestyle.

1 Big background video

With the help of video, you can breathe new life into the website. No one has invented a better way of fixing the movable objects and broadcasting the dynamics than video.

I suggest placing an enormous background video on the homepage which will certainly attract visitor attention. Convey your character and spirit.

I want to point out that video should supplement your communication, but it should not be its center.

Don't make the tones bright, but washed out slightly and add call to actions and immense titles in the foreground.

Example of placing the background video on the Ajboxing website:

sport website

2 Nonstandard slider

You don't need to use a slider in the form of a triangle. You can and should experiment with its design for adding dynamics to the first screen.

You can even unite menu and slider, killing two birds with one stone.

Example of menu and slider union on the Six3nine website:

sport site

3 Daring copywriting

To produce results in sport, you need to throw yourself a challenge. Use daring copywriting to challenge your visitors

It is not the right strategy to be cute and kind throughout the sports websites. It's better to retort sharply so that a person understands you will make him cultivate his abilities and overcome his laziness.

Example of daring copywriting on Skoptimum:

sport website copywritng

4 Dynamic and big background photos

If you failed to create video series for the background, then try to hold a cool photo session to have something to use as immense background photos on the homepage.

Photo should be living and dynamic, as only this way you will convey your sport spirit to your website customer.


Example of big background photo on the Rubisapp website:

website of sport goods

5 Convenient selection of training schedule

As the task of a sports website is not only to arouse a WOW-effect, but to help a potential client select a convenient time for training, it is important to work on a usability of a «Training schedule» page. Add filters by time, place, weekdays and sports of interest.

Example of usable selection of optimal schedule on Mpoweryogastudio:

sport products

6 Blog — a magazine about a healthy lifestyle

Having decided to go in for healthy lifestyle, we begin reading a lot of information on how to do it in the right way. Introduce a corporate blog within your website, design it like some magazine about a healthy lifestyle and write articles on losing weight, diets, etc.


Example of Equinox blog-magazine :

sport stuff website


7 Experiments with geometry

The decision to use the geometrical figures can solve the problem of a big photo or video shortage. Charge a designer to experiment with triangles, a rhombus and other figures that are not so frequently used during the website development as squares and rectangles. This way you can contribute dynamics at a place where it doesn't seem to be attained.

Example of successful experiment with geometry on the Redcarpet website:

some tricks for sport websites

8 «Motivation» sections

Stimulate website visitors to go about trainings right now without delays. You can do it with the help of the special section «Motivation.» You can reflect there what the person will achieve regularly doing sport.


Example of «Motivation» section

motivation for sport website


9 Broadcast of community results

Use the feed where all the results on those who are training after your program will be broadcasted by a special tag. It can be either broadcasting of Instagram photos, Facebook, or Twitter posts.

Example of community result broadcasting on Fitstar:

sport ecommerce webiste

10 Bright informational blocks

Get away from dull ways of information delivery. Simplicity and minimalism can be bright. You can achieve this by interesting typographic, color spectrum, geometry.

Example of bright informational blocks:

website of sport equipment

11 There is little text but right at the point

There shouldn't be much text on the sport websites. As I've written above, it is important that the copywriting is daring. However, other important things include giving information about you, your services, and your team in a legible and capacious way.

Example of bright informational blocks on Fitstar:

sport things

12 Legible calls to action

Formulate the text that will be placed on the CTA buttons (elements of call to action) in the brief way with an introduction of a strong verb, «Start a new life», «Make up my program», «Join the training» etc.

Example of legible calls to action:

call-to-action for sport website

13 Moving effect

It is not the first time I highlight an importance of dynamics within the sports websites. While I was selecting interesting examples, I faced a great number of static, dull websites.

Remember, the visitor of your website should feel the energy your company brings from the first sight. He should want to move forward together with you. For this occasion, create a moving effect on the website. You can do it with the help of a design solution of locating the elements throughout the page.

Example of moving effect

sporty website

14 Tempting lead-form

Don't hide a lead-form at the footer. On the contrary, it should stand out, attract attention and call a visitor to leave his email.

Example of tempting lead-form on Heavyapp:

site for sportsmen

15 Coaching staff

Show people who work on making your clients healthy, beautiful and happy. Don't hide your talents :-)

Example of coaching staff displaying on the Ultimafitness website:

sport staff

16 A possibility to order a guest visit

Give the possibility of a registration on trial training, without the necessity to buy a subscription. This is the same thing as a demo-version; you give a free try and then you take a payment when the client understands that he likes it and is ready to join at least for a month.

Guest visits allow for a reducing of fear in front of an unknown and giving a person some decisiveness.

Example of a registration form on a trial training within the WorkoutNewYork website:


17 Displaying a social activity

Show that you are active in a social way; support sports, healthy lifestyles, and help to develop those seeking to show a result.

Example of social activity displaying on LoggerHeadFitness:


18 Video with clients

If we haven't got any experience in something, then when making decisions we often rely on somebody else's. And if among our friends we can't find those who know something about the company we are interested in, we trust existing feedback about it somewhere on the web.

That's why having placed on your website the video with clients' feedbacks you will add some arguments so a client chooses nobody but YOU!

Example of feedback block on the BodyZoneHealthClub website:

testimonial for sport site

19 Competition between participants

What is sport without competition? This includes motivation for a better score than others or breaking records.

Hold competitions between those who visit your trainings and display these competitions on your website, with a rate table of participants, their results and also with information about a sequence of events.

Example of competition on Sportlifeclub:

love sport

20 Maximal website interactivity

With the help of modern technologies of markup, programming you can convert into life all the bravest ideas.

Involve a visitor to cooperation with content, making a process of acquaintance with you the most interactive. Carry people, motivating them on deeper levels, soaking in your world. They won't have a desire to leave it.

Example of interactive website is Olympicstory:

sport website interactivity

This is all for today. In a week we will talk about chips for online stores that sell products for creating a coziness at home: decoration, tableware, handmade items, etc.

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