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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Website Development Software for Mac

The great advantage of using mac web design software is the ability to build a functional website even if you don't have a technical knowledge of HTML coding. This happens because the software takes care of the coding so you can just focus on the website look and feel. It is a rock-solid truth – Mac is able to provide the easy intuitiveness you want an ideal website to have.

Using website development software for mac, you are able to create any kind of website, whether it is a personal portfolio page, blog or a business website. If you are doubtful if an investment into such a software is worth it , think about what it allows you to do – that is, building your brand and enhancing your online presence. That is why Adobe Muse, Sandvox and Freeway are acknowledged by a lot of web developers. In this article, I'll give you an insight on what you should look out for when choosing a mac web design software.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a mac web development software?

    • Web Authoring Tools

Choose such software that doesn't require you to use its already built-in web hosting service. The best platforms are those which allow you to export already completed website to any web hosting service.

If you are not a professional developer, it is essentially if the web software you chose has a variety of templates to get you started. Today, we are seeing the rise in popularity of mobile devices, so that's why you have to make sure that built-in software templates are mobile-friendly. To maximize template options, look for those that are available for download. Also, you may look for a program that allows you not to use a template, but design from scratch by yourself.

web authoring tools

To make designing your website much more easier, use web authoring tools that include drag-and-drop functionality – determining page order becomes more simpler when you place objects with the sitemap assistant. Also, make sure that the website has eCommerce capabilities if you are going to sell products or services through the website, social media integration if you need gaining traffic, and Google Analytics if you want to monitor website's statistics.

    • Graphics Features

If you are new to web development, choose the software with the ability to provide “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editing. You chose the right mac website development software if you are able to make WYSIWYG editing of a whole webpage at once. Also, it should provide image editing and cropping tools to make each uploaded picture fit your page.

    • Multimedia

Every free mac web development software should allow you to create links, add audio and video files and import photos without effort. Note that there are many programs that have been created specifically to work with iPhoto and iMovie. Some of these products allow to view, add and edit the HTML coding behind the design.

    • Help and Support

Choose the development software that also contains online support tools with video tutorials, user manuals and forums, FAQs and different kinds of searchable help databases. Customer may get technical support by email, phone and live chat.

Let's conclude. Whether you are new to web design or already have a great experience in creating hundreds of websites, this lineup points the main features you should look out for when looking for web development software for Mac. Good luck with your search!

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