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What is Google Panda?

There are hundreds of tools for checking quality of website content, but Google Panda is considered to be the most highly-prized tool. Today we are talking about Google Panda, its unlimited authority, and utility for SEO specialists.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a series of on-going algorithm updates and data refreshes for the Google search engine with the aim to improve the quality and relevance of search query results for users. In other words, Google Panda is to elevate high-quality sites and web pages to the top of the organic search results and lower or even penalize lower-quality websites and pages that are usually displaying too much advertising without any mention of high-quality content.

What is the difference between Google Panda algorithm and Google Penguin?

Another Google algorithm improvement, Google Penguin, is a bit different tool. If the first one, Google Panda algorithm, focuses on pushing farther down poor content and in such way higher quality sites receive priority exposure, Google Penguin targets sites that use Black Hat SEO to boost their search engine results and penalize them for such deeds. Both tools serve as updates for Google's existing search engine.

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How often Panda filter is updated?

The last Google Panda filter update was in May 2014 – it is the fourth update since February 2011, when the original Panda update debuted. SEO industry, web developers, and site owners in particular closely follow the Panda development progress and long for its updates as the changes influence the amount of traffic a website receives from organic search results. If you are afraid for your website position in Google search engine results, to avoid being lowered, pay attention to a website design. Remember, that total site improving make you do much more than just find duplicate content on its web pages.

For the finale, see, what website Google Panda considers to be high-quality.

Answer questions below and according to results see if your website is good enough to be not lowered with Google Panda.

1 Do website texts seem to be expert articles or it is just a compilation of duplicate content Google has proposed before?

2 Do articles contain grammar, spelling or stylistic mistakes?

3 Do articles were written for humans, not for robots?

4 If you were a user, would you share the website posts with your friends?

5 Do web pages contain many aggressive advertisements that are contrary to already placed content?

6 Is the article short, watery and doesn't contain useful information? Searching by Panda duplicate content is usually the same.

7 Do people complain when looking through articles recently appeared on a website?

If the most answers are positive – it is a troubling sign for you and a valid argument for Google Panda to check your website deeply. Considering the attitude of Matt Cutts duplicate content is not the only reason of why users leave your site in a minute. Make sure that your content is written for humans, but not for robots to promote a website. Good luck with implementing changes!

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