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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

What is SSL certificate and why do you need it?


What is SSL certificate and why do you need it?

Some websites have SSL certificates. It means that the data transmission on such resources is protected from fraud and cannot be intercepted. Moreover, browsers are suspicious of portals that do not have SSL certificates. And search engines underestimate their position in the SERP.

In this case, you can buy a free SSL certificate for the site on special resources. This option is suitable for small business owners.

Principle of SSL certificate operations.

To understand what certificate is better o choose, we should start with principles of SSL certificate operations.

  1. Key. Any kind of encryption basically has a key. The same goes for SSL certificates. They are created on the basis of three keys (public, private and session).
  2. Secure connection. The browser requests a certificate from the server, gets the necessary data and the public key and then generates a session key. And only after that, a secure connection is established.

At the same time, the cost of an SSL certificate will directly depend on its technical complexity. So you should first consider this moment with an orientation to the specifics of your resource. Thanks to this, you can choose SSL certificate quickly and without problems.

Types of SSL Certificates

Today, there are following types of SSL certificates:

  • DV certificates - allow you to verify a domain. Suitable for personal sites (blogs, resources, business cards), as well as for small online stores.
  • OV certificates - allow you to check not only the domain, but also the company owner of the site. A great option for the sites of large companies and large online stores.
  • EV Certificates - Allows in-depth verification. Suitable for very large companies, corporations and serious organizations.

As for the price, the deeper and more thorough the checks are carried out, the higher the cost of the SSL certificate. However, such investments will pay off with the trust of visitors. Some resource owners are wondering why to buy a certificate, if you can work without it. Nevertheless, the influx of users on an insecure resource will be many times less, and SEO optimization is not so effective.

What SSL certificate to choose for SEO? Free or paid?

Each portal owner has the opportunity to choose a free or paid SSL certificate. It would seem, what is the point of investing if the same service can be obtained in the public domain without additional expenses. But it isn`t so simple. Those who wish to carry out the transition of the site from http to https will get the following difficulties for free:

  • the complexity of the transition itself;
  • the need to install additional plugins for correct operation;
  • the need to constantly renew the certificate for a short period.

In addition, if for owners of a small business a free certificate may still be acceptable, then large companies had better to buy it. Indeed, in this case, no one can guarantee protection. The privacy level of a free certificate is an order of magnitude lower. So it’s better not to risk. However, small companies wishing to carry out high-quality website promotion in search engines should also pay attention to the purchase of a certificate. At the same time, optimization will be more effective.

How much does an SSL certificate cost for a site?

Although the factors of website promotion are very different, however, the presence of an SSL certificate can also be attributed to them. For this reason, it is better not to save on it. And the cost, as mentioned earlier, will depend directly on the level of protection of the certificate itself and its additional features.

Also, the price range may vary depending on which portal you want to purchase a certificate on. Different companies may have different options and offers. Nevertheless, pay attention not only to the cost but also to the reputation of the company. It is better to give preference to one that has established itself. Use the services of the web studio Artjoker and be satisfied!

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