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What to Do if you Have an App Idea

I think that everyone who has ever thought about app development had asked himself, “If I have an idea for an app, what next?” Don't be in a hurry to bring something to life even if it is a skirt you want to sow, create a design or develop an app; everything should be thoroughly elaborated, every step worked out and risks presupposed.

General issues

Which questions to ask and which answers to find? Since the idea has occurred to you, then the next logical step will be app development. But don't be in a hurry. In the next part we will take a look at all the questions and nuances of this issue.

From idea to the real product

1 Form a pitch doc

Nowadays the common practice is gradual software specification because, unfortunately, one can't design or forecast something in advance. How to make an app idea a reality? First of all,, you need to create a new document for you to understand the way your app should and will work.


    • Basic research with regard to your potential target audience
    • Write the problem your app solves
    • Choose the platform for your app (Android, iOS, etc.)
    • What to do if you have an app idea and it is a bit raw? Find analogs (if any, analyze them)
    • Make a list of things that can be added, borrowed, or changed
    • Note all your wishes and ideas to get a clear understanding of what will be at the very end, and how your end result will look like.

Have an App Idea

2 Get an estimate

Before passing or sending this .doc file to an outsourcing company or a freelancer, don't forget to prevent your idea from being stolen. Make sure an NDA is signed by them and then find out how to patent an app idea. Ask them for an estimate : they will tell you how long the development will take, project cost, etc. Owing to this information you will have a clear image of the timeline and budget.

Read also: How to patent an app idea

3 Project details

If you are ok with the initial estimate, the thought, like i have an idea for a new app and I want to bring it to life, go ahead with the company. Then it's time to negotiate terms and clarify the details of your project. Things to be discussed:

  • Functionality (main features)
  • Maximum budget
  • Future design

After this the initial estimate, things will somehow change and become more precise. There is only one answer to the question, “What to do with an idea for an app?”, and that is to develop it! But before starting the development, project requirements should be formed and signed .

4 Wireframe creation

It is a very important part of the whole app development, as wireframing provides you with a draft version of how your users will interact with the application interface. If you have a problem, like, “I have idea for an app, but I can't imagine it as a ready-to-use product”, wireframing gives you a clear idea of how the final product should look like, enabling you to see potential layout elements and functionality.

Received wireframes should answer these questions:

  • How? (description of user-interface interaction, its approximate visualization)
  • What? (I have a good app idea and I want to determine the main sections of the content)
  • Where? ( information on your app structure)

5 Design creation

You can invent and choose your app's design yourself or delegate it to company's or freelance designer. When the design is made you will be provided with several ideas that will be relevant to the content of your app and you will have to select the best for you. If you are a person who “has an app idea but have no money to waste”, it's better to hire a freelancer; they are usually much cheaper than in-house designers. In this case, try to minimize all possible expenses.

6 Development vs Testing

After the future design and wireframing have been approved, development of the application and testing at every stage of the progress should begin. Remember that you can sell app ideas if you have plenty of them and want to earn some money from them.

7 Updates and support

After the app has been released, it is likely going to need updating, both in terms of design and functionality. Timely updates will increase your app's success and will keep it relevant, so discuss post-release updates and support with your development firm or developer. Note that there are a lot of companies that buy app ideas, so you can find them and sell your ideas if you want to.

8 Perfect name for your application

Till you find the right, catchy name for your app, it isn't ready for release. As the proverb says: What you call a boat, so it will float! So choose the name properly.

To sum up

Now that the article has been read, the issue with I have a great idea for an app but don't know what to do is not a big deal anymore, as you know what to do next. Good luck with it!

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