Dedicated Software Development Team in Ukraine
Artjoker has built a cooperation model that can meet your unique needs. The model consists of several steps.
1. After gathering your requirements, we prescreen relevant candidates and help you to interview them as many times as you need to hire a needed person.
2. After approving relevant candidates, they become your full-time employees working in one of our offices in Ukraine.
3. Start working. You will leave administrative support, taking care of the developers and their retention for us and will just directly manage them.

Are you seeking for the software developer or even the whole dedicated team? We will help you to find the right specialist and build the needed team.

Comfortable offices in the largest tech cities of Ukraine — Kyiv, Kharkiv
Office managers who supply office with everything you employee need
System administrators
All the security measures
Control and review of your team's performance
Taking into account your feedback and suggestions about work of your team
HR-managers who foster communication between you and your team
Technical events and corporate parties
Controlling of your team’s job satisfaction
To start interaction right, we begin with kicking-off your needs and requirements. We have the whole team of recruiters who will work with you closely to make expected profiles of future team members. You will define their roles and responsibilities.
For finding relevant people, we dedicate a team of recruiters who work directly on seeking the best candidates for you. After gathering the most relevant candidates, we help you plan the next stage - interviews. Once you find the person you need, we prepare all the documents and get ready to start working with a new employee.
On this stage a new member of the team has everything he/she needs to work smoothly - whether he/she works from home or in the office. Our HR organizes introduction meetings and our accountant helps the employee with all the accounting questions.
Operations and Support
After solving all the formal questions, you start working with the newcomer directly. Further our HR regularly checks the team, runs educational events and team buildings to be sure that every member of the team feels comfortable and fully involved in the process. We are keeping in touch with you all the time to make our interaction productive.
Why Choose the Dedicated Team Model Over Project Outsourcing?
You will work only with developers we will find customly for you. We start seeking only after getting your requirements, all the interviews are conducted with you.
Custom recruitment
Artjoker software developers are your full-time employees, and they’re as dedicated to your success as your in-house team.
High developer commitment
You or your in-house team members work with our team directly.
Direct communication
You only need to pay salaries for dedicated team members and fixed monthly fees for our services.
Predictable costs
Change team size when you need it. Travel to our offices to work with your software developers or bring them over to your headquarters.