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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Case. Cybersecurity websitetraffic growth as a result of integrated promotion

In this case we`ll share with you what results can be achieved in just 10 days of comprehensive promotion of a cybersecurity event.

For the first time in Ukraine, a unique conference was organized in Kharkiv. The client was provided with a landing page with basic information regarding the event. The novelty of the event, the youth of the site and the tight deadlines set us the following goals:

  • Ensure maximum coverage of the target audience throughout Ukraine, with an emphasis on the city of Kharkov
  • Bring the maximum possible traffic to the site
  • To ensure the growth of registrations on the site
  • To familiarize the target audience with the event program
  • Create resonance in a professional environment
The following steps were taken to achieve the goals:
  • 1Formed design of social networks Facebook, Vkontakte
  • 2The event was created and designed on the social network Vkontakte
  • 3A media plan with topics for publications has been prepared.
  • 4Youtube channel registered and issued, video posted
  • 5Designed visual templates for the design of posts
  • 6A list of branded hashtags has been compiled
  • 7Created text to stimulate community growth and engage subscribers to the event
  • 8Targeted advertising on social networks has been launched (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram)
  • 9Showing ads on Google Display Network was launched
  • 10Facebook and Google Remarketing Campaign wereLaunched
  • 11A list of thematic, near-thematic and city resources has been compiled to share information about the event and the competition
  • 12A database of contacts has been compiled for share information among groups and pages of Ukrainian universities
  • 13Information support has been agreed with a number of communities
  • 14Posted announcement in the community of opinion leaders

Facebook and Instagram ad campaign:

Invitation to the event.

Advertising campaign results:

Coverage and frequency:

Actions and quantity of demonstrations:

Website advertising (Facebook and Instagram):

Advertising campaign results

Coverage and frequency:

Actions and quantity of demonstrations:

Facebook remarketing:

Coverage and frequency:

Actions and quantity of demonstrations:

Advertising on Vkontakte:

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign on Vkontakte:

Google Network and Remarketing Ads

Google Network and Google Remarketing campaign ad performance:

Click schedule

Displays changes in the number of clicks for the reporting period:

CTR Chart

Displays CTR changes for the reporting period:

Delivery schedule

Displays changes in the number of impressions for the reporting period:/

General results on traffic and targeted actions on the site:

Website Visits Schedule:

New and returning users from paid traffic:

As a result of the work we have received the following results:

  • there has been a rapid increase in subscriptions to event communities on social networks thanks to the publication of publications about the event and draws in popular urban and thematic communities
  • resonance and recognition of the event was achieved, as evidenced by the high level of direct traffic to the site
  • significantly increased the number of registrations
  • the total increase in traffic to the site amounted to almost 10 thousand people
  • ensured subsequent interest in the site and conference results