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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Case. Contextual advertisingfor the online store Gopro - increased sales by 60%

About the project

Company Gopro Ukraine contacted us with the request about contextual advertising for gopro-ukraine.com.

The client

Gopro Ukraine is an online store that sells equipment for outdoor activities: gopro cameras, quadrocopters, sports watches, sports equipment.


With the help of contextual advertising, increase sales by 60%.


The high price of goods in comparison with market value, as well as high competition in the business niche.

Another challenge is a large number of types of goods, each of which needs to be promoted.

Promotion strategy

In order to increase the sales of the company, we:

  • 1We analyzed the business niche of the company, its competitors
  • 2Conducted usability audit of the online store
  • 3Choose the priority areas of the advertising campaign
  • 4Collected semantics
  • 5Compiled advertisements and banner images for them
  • 6Set up campaigns:
    • segmented by geo-targeting and product categories
    • keywords for each category were clustered according to common features and compiled relevant ads
    • put together an extensive database of negative keywords
  • 7Tracked the progress of the campaign
    • analyzed the work of advertising campaigns
    • adjusted bids
    • reviewed ad content based on market changes
    • expanded semantics
How was commercial semantics going?

Keywords for semantics: buy GoPro, buy a drone and everything related to this topic. In addition, we worked in detail the entire list of products of the online store and compiled a detailed semantic core for each category of goods.

Priority directions of the advertising campaign

Since the online store has a large number of products, we set up contextual advertising for each type of equipment and for each individual type of GoPro camera.

    • 1Search context
      We were engaged in monitoring the auction for key requests so that the online store ads were in the first position in the contextual display.
    • 2Remarketing
      Since most products have a high cost, some users do not immediately decide on a purchase. Therefore, we use remarketing as a way to remind about the brand. If a user visits the site once, banner ads will remind him of the company on other sites that are not thematically related to Gopro

  • 3Dynamic remarketing
    This tool has become the solution to our challenge - a large number of products. Dynamic remarketing is a form of advertising that brings the company even closer to its target customers. If the user added goods to the shopping cart, but changed his mind and threw it, the banner with the specific product he selected would “run” after him.
  • 4Display Networks
    Banner advertising of goods was shown on thematic sites of sports enthusiasts, as well as on sites with certain keywords (for example, “active leisure”).

The participation of a seo-specialist at the stage of site design and development is necessary to take into account all the requirements at the initial stage and speed up the process of launching work and promotion.


Over the past 4 months of promotion, we have been able to reduce the cost per click by 17%. Also, for all the time we have increased sales by 60% and the number of transactions by 35%.