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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Case. Contextual advertisingincreased the number of hits by 65.83%

About the project

Service: contextual advertising on Google

Topic: ophthalmological services

Region: Kiev, Kryvyi Rih.

Campaign Duration: 19 months.

Budget for 19 months: approximately 5 500 $.

Customer's goal is to increase the number of new customers

Advertising campaign strategy

Prior to working with our company, the client worked with advertising on Facebook, however this channel did not give a direct conversion.

After analyzing the advertising activities and the business of the client, our experts selected the strategy:

  • Google ads to attract lead on the first touch;
  • Smart Display Network (GDN)
  • SEO promotion;
  • Work with coupon services.
Google first-click lead ads Our experts focused on creating Google ads to attract first-lead leads. This means that a person, by clicking on an ad, immediately makes a conversion - makes a purchase or orders a service. It often happens that a client visits the site through advertising, but does not perform the target action. After a couple of days, he again visits the site and performs the conversion. Such a conversion will be called deferred and assigned to the “organic” channel, and not to paid traffic. Coupon Services

Coupon is a service that provides the right to a discount after buying a coupon. Our experts actively posted promotional offers of the company on such services.

Smart Display

The audience in search advertising “burns out” quite quickly, as it becomes increasingly difficult to find unique users in a narrow niche. According to our client, only about 20% of new users came to the project per month, the rest were repeaters. As a new channel for attracting targeted traffic, our specialists decided to use advertising in the media network - Smart Display.

Smart Display allows you to find the very new unique traffic, since this type of banner media advertising is placed on all possible sites (news sites, forums, just thematic sites, YouTube). The difficulty is that it is more “cold” traffic, near-thematic. However, you can still find your users there. In our case, Smart Display better finds the right audience, because it works on Google algorithms.

    • 1The graph shows significant changes in the number of new users from 1.01 to 31.05. We launched work with Smart display on March 20.
    • 2The number of calls has also increased remarkably:
    • 3 In comparison with the previous period after the launch of Smart display, the number of calls increased by 65.83%:
  • 4In total, from the beginning of the launch of this advertising campaign, approximately 300 $ was spent. and received 68 hits, accounting for 20.61% of all conversions. The cost of the lead was approximately 4 $. For comparison, for the same period, the cost of circulation from search campaigns amounted to 3,8 $ approximately, less than Smart display.

However, in the context of months, a decrease in the cost of the application and improvement in behavioral indicators are visible:

In our case, smart display showed a significant increase in conversions (20%) and proved to be an excellent tool for attracting new targeted traffic. Our experts track and learn new tools to bring better results to customers.