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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Chads WorldLanding Page
To develop landing page to showcase client's unique product – an online chat with artificial intelligence. Chads World is to break new ground in the art of Conversational Commerce, helping advertisers create online campaigns that are more friendly and relevant than ever before.
  • 1To perform responsive markup and program landing page on the ground of corporate style and client's design
  • 2To implement on the page a working example of the product – AI online chat
  • 3To make landing page dynamic by animating site elements

We've developed a responsive landing page that became client's business card when presenting his unique product. It became a powerful tool for getting potential clients. Chads World creates campaigns that engage with customers to help them find products they really want, and share their thoughts on the new products and services they would love to buy.

Chads World