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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Create a convenient, functional and adaptive online store where users could not only buy jewellery but also fill the request for fitting.
  • 1To develop and implement the functionality that highlights the customer on the competitors` background.
  • 2Provide an intuitive filter system.
  • 3Implement a product search by type of stones.
  • 4Introduce retention techniques.
  • 5Establish a customer feedback system.
  • 6Make a convenient admin panel.
  • 7Integrate the function of importing items with automatic filter assignment for individual product characteristics.
  • 8Implement the functionality and frontend on the latest frameworks (Laravel 5.6 and Nuxt.js 2.0).
  • Section “Popular categories”.

  • Selection of items by type of stones.

  • The latest.

  • Automatic recalculation of product cost.

  • “Live” filtering system.

  • The map of shops.

  • Feedbacks.

  • Lead generation forms.

  • Administrative panel.

  • Adaptive web design.


The demanded items are located on a separate screen. We emphasized categories using scale, keeping a mind the demand for products. The “Wedding rings” section is the most popular, therefore it is much larger than the others. This solution significantly saves the user time.

In order to distinguish the Eurogold website from competitors, we implemented a filter function by type of stones. During the analysis of the niche, we concluded that in online stores the following tabs were displayed on separate tabs:

  • elite stones (diamonds, emeralds). Such a decision significantly narrows the target audience;

  • a list of stones without images.

For users who are following trends, the “The latest” section has been created. It includes fresh arrivals - the most fashionable jewellery models.

Automatic recalculation of product cost.

The price of jewellery depends on weight and size. We have provided the option of automatic cost revaluation. It is enough for the buyer to choose the necessary characteristics and the algorithm updates the price tag.

“Live” filtering system.

We have implemented a “live” filtering system - the filters are hidden if there are no results on them. Thus, the user will never come to an empty selection. This creates the feeling of a catalog that is 100% full.

All filters work on narrowing, that helps to quickly select jewellery with the desired characteristics.

Information about the location of jewelry stores is shown on the map of Ukraine. For each location:

  • The exact address and phone number are pointed;

  • Pointed how to get there;

  • The range of services is mentioned;

  • Implemented the request for fitteng.

Eurogold is open to communication with customers. To get feedback, a feedback collection system was implemented. Any visitor to the site can tell about the purchase experience, share their impressions and make suggestions.

Lead generation forms.

Users don`t like to fill long forms. To expand the sales funnel, we added the option of ordering jewellery in 1 click.

To reduce the outflow of potential buyers, we have introduced an additional form of a collection of leads. If the product of the right size is not available, the user can leave their contacts. A manager will contact him and discuss the conditions of an individual order.

Administrative panel.

During the implementation of the functionality, we used the latest version of the Laravel framework. This allowed us to make a reliable, technological and secure online store.

The administrative panel is fully consistent with the specifics of the project. A series of modules is built into it for: order control, manual linking of payments to deliveries, import of goods, filling pages with content.

On mobile devices, the site looks just as attractive and loads as fast as it does on a computer. Visitors can comfortably use the site from any device.