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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Our cases

We convert your ideas into great results
  • MyCredit can be regarded as a complex solution which consisted of the website for interaction with loan debtors, web interface for system administration, the scoring module for data verification of the loan debtors, and risk evaluation in terms of accommodating the loans.

  • We developed a corporate application for the commercial department of the product producer

  • We developed a mobile app to let its users show target audience their content. Be sure, your post will be displayed to exactly that people you need of.

  • Intela provides cutting-edge computing platforms to tackle real world problems.

  • Solar Home is a Landing Page

  • The company's workflow was fully optimized owing to developed for certain issues application. Automatized checking of free drivers or transportation devices let the managers make communication easier and save some time and budget.

  • For creating a landing page we've chosen a platform that allows presenting information in a structured way. It greatly simplifies the perception of brand and service and pushes a client to make a final step – to send a registration request.

  • We have developed an outstanding landing page for an IT-recruitment company that is equal to the customer's requirements – it is laconic, informative and creative.

  • To create a relevant and competent website we used different visual effect on the homepage (dynamic content). Basic information is represented with the help of graphic elements and infographics to simplify user's perception.