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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Intela EducationEducation service
To develop a user-friendly and handy website for informing users about project's services and taking on new investors, companies, and individuals for providing their Machine Learning and Data Science expertise to students from across the globe to help nurture top talent and create opportunities for collaboration.
  • 1To develop a handy up-to-date resource for the clear understanding of the project's services, and fill it with unique content.
  • 2To design a special menu form with sub-items which lead a user not only to a relevant page but on a particular site section

We developed a website to make company goals perfectly achieved. For now Intela Education provides free access to the best Data Visualization and Machine Learning tools to give a competitive advantage in the era of Big Data. Students will have an opportunity to collaborate with Universities and data scientists across a spectrum of industries to learn interdisciplinary Data Science techniques, leverage free cutting-edge cloud computing resources and use an array of techniques and theories such as linear algebra and distributed storage and processing — all to identify trends and solve problems with big data.

Intela Education