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Natalya Brinza Project Manager


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Corporate website
  • 1To create a corporate website for a producing company of complex petrochemical spirits “Matrapac”
  • 2To present product catalog with descriptions of advantages and to divide retail from wholesale suppliers
  • 3Make a website in three languages (English, Germany, and Russian) with automatic displaying by IP

To create a relevant and competent website we have got acquainted with all the peculiarities of this business, because such domain has a poor online representation. We used different visual effect on the homepage (dynamic content), basic information is represented with the help of graphic elements and infographics to simplify user's perception.

There is a regularly updated section “Press releases” and also separate pages of products description and useful information. There is a very easy and understandable interface with an option to save it on your device. Responsive markup guarantees a correct displaying across all devices.

Owing to an automatic IP detection a visitor on clicking through to the website will see a language corresponding to his location. There is a map integrated at the footer for better usability, and at the bottom of every page, there are call-back buttons.