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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

OnMap is an Israeli startup, a real-estate platform, where users can choose, buy/sell, rent, and even advertise an immovable property.
To develop a platform from scratch, as well as creating a website and the backend architecture with the ability to support both web and mobile clients.
img To assure advertisements search with the ability to choose a city, district, and address, as well use other filters.
img To assure displaying the advertisements on the map.
img To give users the opportunity to create “favorites” - the combination of their search filters and advertisement notes.
img To develop functionality with the wide range of opportunities for the owners of an immovable property.
img To make the platform SEO friendly using Server Side Rendering.
img To provide the platform with the responsive design
img To implement a multi-language function, so the user will be able to choose between English, Russian and Hebrew
img To let realtors promote advertisements.
img To provide analytical insights to advertisements and display them in the realtor's personal profile.
img To provide the high level of Developer Experience (CI, monitoring, logging)
img To develop the admin panel to manage website and advertisements.
Search on the map
Available apartments with photos and its location are marked on the map. In case there are no photos, street-view sight is upload. This feature gives a sense of content stocking. “Favorites” don't let to forget about them by “jumping” on the map.
There also is an opportunity to collect “Favorites” and come back to them later. Every user can add personal notes to houses and apartments which are synchronized between gadgets
Users can also ring any district on the map using drawing tools to provide filtering inside it.
Adding advertisements

The main website feature for the real estate owners and realtors is adding advertisements.

We tried to create maximally simple and dynamic form, which would provide users with all necessary data for a search including your personal preferences

Detailed filters let realtors describe houses and apartments down to the last detail. Additionally, we set Facebook integration, that also simplifies users' search as well.


Analytical insights are available for realtors, so they can analyze do their adverts work.

Real estate owners can buy advertisement packages and promotions – an automatic boost in the daily list of results or color marking.

Admin panel
For startup owners, we developed a handy admin panel. Using it, a business owner can manage advertisements, followings, realtor packages, as well as analyze data and send messages.
Responsive design
Clients can work with the platform on any gadget and feel comfortable with this. The functionality of mobile site version is similar to the desktop one. But still, the accent was made to iOS technology maintenance due to the feature of providing analysis of hits and users.
Language versions

3 language versions were implemented in the platform. The challenge was to develop different interfaces – each of them changes the perception of web pages.


Continous Integration (Github + Circle CI + Docker + AWS)

Services for monitoring and logging


The project is being actively developed, more and more owners of real estate businesses, as well as realtors, join the platform. OnMap is on its way to becoming a leader in Israeli market


The project has its own iOS and Android native applications with the similar functionalities.