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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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VeltonCorporate website

Create “light” websight with modern and selling web design.
  • 1Develop a web design that supports the positioning and corporate identity of the customer.
  • 2To familiarize potential customers with the range of services.
  • 3Unobtrusively stimulate visitors to submit applications.
  • 4Implement a convenient payment system.
  • 5Establish customer feedback.
  • 6Implement website functionality on CMF Evolution.
  • Concise first screen.

  • Comparing the plans.

  • WEB-cameras in the cities of Ukraine.

  • Documents and plans.

  • Service centres on the map.

  • Adaptive design.


During the analysis of competitors, we came to the conclusion that the common problem of providers is an overabundance of information. Among the auxiliary content, it is difficult for the client to find the main functions (“Connect” and “Pay”).

We decided to cut off the excess and display on the first screen the most important thing:

  • application form;

  • payment button;

  • cost of a popular fare;

  • provider contacts.

This is exactly what the start page of the telecommunications company website should look like from the user's point of view.

Especially for customers who like to compare, we have placed the list of services in a clear table. A wide range of plans fit in one screen. Characteristics are sorted according to the interests of the target audience. The most important comes first.

The solution reduces scrolling time loss and increases conversion.

During the brainstorming, an idea came up to bring webcasts from web-cameras installed in the most interesting locations of Kharkov and Poltava to the site. At the same time, we showed the technological effectiveness of the customer and pointed to the cities in which the representative offices of Velton Telecom are located.

Open access to information is an important factor when choosing a provider. Potential customers avoid understatement. The intuitive “Documents and Plans” section increases the level of credibility to the company.

An interactive map with the marks of the department is placed on the contact page. For each office you can see:

  • the exact address;

  • phone numbers;

  • working hours;

  • names of heads of the department.

By default, adaptive markup is provided for in Artjoker projects, because mobile traffic exceeds desktop traffic. For conversion-oriented sites, flexible design is a must have.