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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Wheelsgonemobile application

To create IOS app that will solve the next issues:
  • 1Reduce sales time os secondhand cars
  • 2Attract new customers and inspectors
  • 3Build an attractive image of the company
  • 1Develop app interfaces and administrative panels with UX/UI
  • 2Build back-end and API
  • 3Optimize sales process
  • 4Improve feedbacks
  • 5Engage inspectors
  • 6Release in App Store
  • Two interconnected applications WheelsGone and WheelsGone Inspector were developed
  • The first one is for vehicle possessor, second - for inspectors
  • Two separate apps have relieved interaction for a targeted audience
Загрузите в App Store

The owner opens the application, scans the vehicle's VIN. As the user proceeds to the next step, the system has already recognized the identification number and synchronized the data.

Feature Introduction

Basic information about the machine is automatically loaded from the registry, which significantly saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors. It remains for the user to enter variable characteristics: color, body shape, mileage.

Application Formation

The owner of the car indicates any convenient time and place to meet with the inspector. The application supports GPS localization of the smartphone. Instead of entering the exact address, just put a mark on the map. If desired, you can supplement the application with a comment.

That's all - just wait for inspector!

Application Selection

Opening the application, the inspector lands on the map. If the geolocation function is active on the smartphone, then the location of the specialist is determined automatically. The screen displays all the free applications from car owners. The inspector can accept the nearest order.

Inspection Management

After the application has been accepted, it will be included in the “Inspection List”. The option facilitates management. The specialist can add a reminder to the iOS calendar or contact the customer to clarify order data.


We were able to optimize the inspection by introducing a detailed checklist. The specialist selects the appropriate option and moves according to the prompts:

  • scans VIN;
  • starts the motor;
  • takes pictures of the vehicle (the parts to be removed are highlighted on a virtual machine);
  • photographs visible damage;
  • fixes the shape of the body and color;
  • enters mileage (to confirm you need to add a photo of the speedometer);
  • passes a simple questionnaire.

Downloading data is lightning fast. Instead of tedious filling out documents, you just need to tap on the screen.

After sending the information, WheelsGone administrators come into play. They analyze the results of the inspection and send the owner an offer.

  • Swift 3.2
  • Node.js
  • GPS localization smartphone
  • Scan VIN of car number
  • Data transfer by VIN number
  • Custom camera for car inspection steps
  • Administrative panel for user management, inspection management and auto billing