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Natalya Brinza Project Manager


Artjoker company offers 2 types of cooperation. We provide a dedicated team up to your project giving you an opportunity to save your time. As an alternative you can pay hourly for your website promotion, design development, etc. More detailed information will be below and it's up to you what to choose in the end.

Dedicated team

is a popular model of cooperation with big companies worldwide. There are some essential advantages:

  • 1You don't need to waste your time on searching and selection of personnel ( it will save your time for more important things and all the other worries connected with professional and highly- qualified staff including developers, designers, markup specialists and project managers leave for us)
  • 2Every team has an approbation term so if something or someone doesn't suit you, you can simply change it by replacing on someone else
  • 3If you have a project on some rarely — used programming language it's not a problem! We can deal with it as we have professionals programming on any language you need. They are coding in Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, PHP and C++, your projects can be also enhanced with programmers that specialize in BPMN/BPML, NLP, XSL/XSLT, HTML5, Perl, RoR/Ruby on Rails, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, T-SQL
  • 4Team is dedicated exclusively to your project so it will be done properly and in time as we cultivate the deadlines
  • 5Every customer should feel absolutely reassured with every little thing when entrusting his brainchild to someone else. And this hope for making everything as better as possible…You needn't to be anxious anymore. Before giving us your project you can send some tests for developers so that to have a clear understanding of the level of knowledge and expertise of every team member
  • 6And the last thing that worries every entrepreneur all over the world : what is the price of such advantageous thing? And there we also have a surprise for you! Owing to the low tax rates in our country it will cost you rather cheaper than in some developed country, but the quality of product and services will be at the same level and even higher because we will go with all our heart and soul into your project
The price for dedicated team includes:
office rental space with meeting room
(in our Kharkiv Development office)
and other necessary equipment
and administrative support
corporate events

So called Time&Materials

— a bit offshore way of cooperation but it has taken roots in many IT-companies of our country. It is a second way of partnership that is based on hourly rate:

  • 1You may choose it when it is difficult or impossible to predict the volume of works or how much time the project takes
  • 2It is very convenient when your product needs support (  modification, optimization or bugfixing )
  • 3The most curious ones have a great opportunity to be completely informed about all the stages of website (design) development and to be knowledgeable in all the details so to say everyone literally knows what he pays for
  • 4We are fixing the quantity of hours monthly. If the project doesn't need to be worked on during some period of time, then we have a great news for you! The time can be frozen and you won't have to pay for it

To sum up, these are two very popular ways of partnership throughout the world. Everything depends on your needs and desires. And in turn we'll do our best so that you feel and experience all the advantages of each of these two types of cooperation during the process.