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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Artjoker Partnership Program

Nowadays, IT company which tends to be like a jack-of-all-trades might seem to be doubtful – it has been already proved that the successful providers of software development services are usually focused on a specific expertise area to make their clients sure in the absolute quality of the product they work on. Anyway, it is becoming essential to deal with trusted partners that help cover critical issues in which you might lack skills or workforce to cope with the project. Not to allow jeopardizing the project launch, Artjoker offers several partnership models in order to help you turn great ideas into results.

Who can benefit

Partnership models

We offer win-win partnership options tailored to the business objectives and focus on both sides. Whether you are an IT consultant, a founder of a digital agency, or a producer of a startup – we can have a mutually beneficial cooperation for sure. The goal of Artjoker Partnership Program is to establish conditions under which the potential partner would feel confident in our expertise as well as ability to grow and develop together with us. Communication of a partner directly with the development team via Worksection and Skype is essential for all partnership models.

White Label

Artjoker engineers will act as an extension of your team and represent themselves as your employees to hold your corporate credentials. This partnership model is optimal for you if the project you work on requires the workforce you don't manage before. A project manager from a partner side participates in a product development; among other things our company assigns in-house developers to communicate with a client on behalf of a partner. Having Artjoker as a contractor, you are able to demonstrate our projects portfolio to your clients and offer them our method of work and technical stack. White Label Partnership gives you the opportunity to engage new stakeholders to the project and stay confident in data security.

  • You get full access to our engineering talent pool and marketing resources
  • Flexibility in payment structure (Time&Material of Fixed Price) and margins
  • Most flexible partnership program for digital agencies and software development companies

Build Operate Transfer (Open Budget)

This partnership model remains creating operate transfer for partner's company built upon Artjoker's development base. Opening an offshore office helps solve long-term issues such as lack of IT workforce or need for quick innovation.

Artjoker builds a software development center, helps manage it and then transfers ownership to a partner. We consult him on a company establishment, share best practices of working with a development team in Europe, hire employees, and set up company's infrastructure. When a new engineering center is ready to the first project estimates – we transfer its managing to the partner – for that moment it is up to him to set team objectives, manage daily meetings, etc.

The core value for a partner is the opportunity to start offshore software development business already having a dedicated team.

Why partnering with Artjoker?

  • Risk-and-stress-free setting up a development center
  • Assistance in every aspect of the establishment the offshore center
  • Payment structure – open budget and fixed margin

Resource On Demand

Artjoker will act as your technology partner for any type of project you are working at. You choose engagement model and services you would like us to cover by yourself. Building technology partnership with Artjoker is suitable when there is the necessity for fast subcontracting certain activities in developing a client's project. You are able to put a task or a project estimate directly to a developer via Worksection – the corporate issue tracking system. This partnership model is perfect for digital and marketing agencies if the project requires ad-hoc support and assistance without planned work low. At the end of every month, you get a progress report on what tasks are already done.

The core value for a partner is getting the fastest extending of R&D facilities by getting the full-time development team and the guarantee of the high-quality done work.

  • Team-as-a-service: “resource on demand” model is the fastest model to scale up the engineering facilities of your company
  • Full access to Artjoker talent pool (business consultancy, marketing and engineering team, QA and design)
  • Expertise focused on your business niche at a lower price

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Olga Melnyk

Business Development Manager