Role of a Discovery Phase in the Project
According to the statistics, 17% of software projects prove to be so bad that they may lead a business to failure. Although only 7% of them are completed late, 45% surpass the cost estimates. A number of errors could be avoided by careful review and preparation, business owners who want their projects to be completed in due date and budget shouldn’t neglect the discovery phase.
Discovery stage should be strongly correlated with the project launch and proceeding to planning to avoid its failure. Before launching the work, over 70% of IT vendors need this procedure, let’s study the project discovery phase definition.

What is a Project Discovery Phase?
This stage is a procedure of collecting data about the project, evaluating its target market and audience to get a comprehensive understanding of the aims, scope, and drawbacks.

Also, this phase helps to consider end users, their desires, and demands. The technical part of the procedure implies the software requirements specification with essential information that is required for development: main and extra functions, measurable results, and so on.
The Main Tasks of a Web Project Discovery Phase

The discovery phase in project management is a deep investigation procedure at the initiation of each project to determine its scope, it is a tool to handle the confusion at the start of any work.

In order to detect and resolve hidden obstacles and risks, you should use study communication, and analysis to help strengthen the mission and give direction to the development process.

A fruitful discovery phase provides time to get rid of uncertainty, thus, establishing the emphasis needed for successful and appropriate development.
Duration and Price of a Project Discovery Stage
Project managers conventionally divide the project discovery phase life cycle into several steps: initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. The discovery phase should be interpreted as a central component of the initiation and planning stages, eliminating the gap between the two steps.

The business analyst, project and account manager play the leading role in the discovery stage. Programmers, team leads, or designers may often come together to assist with SRS, scope assessment, or wireframe prototypes.
This phase is normally located in the first sprint of the current Agile management system, it helps to track if your team and a customer are on the same page.

The duration of the discovery stage can be a couple of days, or a few weeks, or several months, it depends on how complex and large the project is. The typical time limits are: from 1 to 3 days for a simple project, from 1 to 2 weeks for a medium-sized project, from 3 to 4 weeks or more for a big project.

The team requires several meetings at the start of the discovery phase. Each can last 1-2 hours and it is directed on getting a better awareness of the project, the rest of the procedure doesn't require your permanent involvement.
The cost is calculated on the basis of a time & material or a fixed price model in accordance with the work accomplished and hourly rates of the team engaged in the project.
Project Discovery Phase Deliverables in Artjoker

At Artjoker, the deliverables of the software project discovery phase may differ according to the scale, complexity, stage and deadlines. With it, depending on the needs of the project at a specific time, hence you can obtain the benefits:

Software requirements specification. This is a document that explains the project in its entirety, feature group, suggested technology stack and architecture summary. Before accepting it, look it through and offer alterations.

Primary UX prototype. You'll get a detailed description of the eventual interface and its key features well before your team begins work on the project. It ensures vision about how it will operate until it is completed, together with the software requirements specification.
Development plan and estimation. You will obtain a recommended team composition, an approximate cost for development and a deadline. It is doubtful that the eventual numbers determined by this stage will change, except the complexity of the project changes dramatically during the creation process.
Discovery stage proposal. It is based on discovery outcomes that ensure that the developed product will satisfy all the expectations of the customer.
When you build a large house, you lay a strong foundation first. Thus, the discovery process helps to determine the project concept and reduce development risks. It gives an opportunity for the team to carry out the work exactly as it was scheduled.