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Angular.js development

Angular.js is one of our favorite JavaScript-based frameworks for Web applications and online services development. It is maintained by Google, Brat Tech LLC. and a huge community. It also connects the input or output area of the page with the model, which is the usual variables of JavaScript. The values of these variables are set manually or retrieved from the static or dynamic JSON data. Websites like Intel, ABC News, NBC, and many others use ANGULAR.js services.

  • declarative code style

    ANGULAR.js development makes the code lighter, easier to read, and support because it is described by the desired end result not by all the steps for achievement.

  • directives

    The framework works with HTML (but this shouldn’t scare you developers; extend markup language by entering additional directives) and contains additional custom attributes that are described by the directives. They can also be reused which improves the readability of the code.

  • MVC scheme

    It allows the creation of single page Web applications (SPA). There is $http service in Angular.js that provides interaction with remote HTTP servers using XMLHttpRequest or JSONP. When you send a JavaScript object to the server, it is automatically converted into JSON string. After receiving the reply service an attempt is also made in order to convert the JSON string to JavaScript. By using the $http, it is easy to create personal service with full control over the processing of data and URL.

  • modularity

    It is possible to organize an app from different modules in custom ANGULAR.js development. These modules can either depend on each other or be separate. Angular.js also recognizes a situation where you need to provide supporting facilities and connects the objects together.

  • two-way data binding

    There is two-way data binding in ANGULAR.js web development. This means that any changes in the user interface are immediately reflected on the application site and vice versa.

Angular.js web development

The best Angular.js development environment is used in web development. Our programmers like to say, “Angular for web apps is like water for fish.” It is hard to imagine the web without Angular.js application development.

For example, Angular.js provides opportunities to work with validation forms. If the page uses forms, then FormController would record their condition. Using this information, we can define the behavior of the elements in the HTML UI. Angular.js has validators like required, ng-required, ng-minlength, ng-pattern, and others for error-handling. In addition, there is also the possibility of creating our own validators. Error messages can be displayed for the entire form as well as for its individual fields

Patterns or templates in Angular.js are HTML code, complete with elements and attributes of Angular.js. The framework complements the template information from the model to show the user a dynamic page. For data processing and values formatting ​​obtained from the model, Angular.js uses filters that allow the user to see the desired data without the necessarily making changes to the source data.

Artjoker, the Agile Angular.js development company

Artjoker is an Angular.js development company that helps companies and startups to create their dream projects. During our ten years of existence, we always look for the best solutions for our clients’ businesses. One of these solutions is using Angular.js for web applications and server-side development in half of our projects (the other half belongs to React.js). So, Artjoker developers work with React.js and Angular.js.

Angular.js mobile development

Our programmers like to involve other frameworks like Ionic, Cordova platform, or using Angular 2 for mobile development. Although there is constant updating of tools used for creating mobile apps, we at Artjoker prefer to work with Angular.js mostly in online services development.

We have told you a lot about Angular.js app development, so now it is up to you to hire Angular.js developers. Get fast, smart, and high quality service or lose your chance of getting excellent results!

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Natalya Brinza

Project Manager