Custom Website Development Guide
Most clients consider the web design to be a procedure of drawing up a website that looks amazing and then moving it to the Internet. This is the end result, but we shouldn't ignore another vital phase: web development, an essential process when business concepts become a reality.
Although the majority of programmers prefer WP, it cannot be applied in all circumstances: it is focused on marketing objectives, concepts and eventually strategy, though, if the features requirements go far beyond WP opportunities, we look for custom concepts.
What is Custom Web Development?
Custom web development solutions are usually particularly tailored to client’s business needs and target audience, thus providing a further advantage from opponents.

Web development determines efficiency of a product or service. The overview and structure of the website are mostly visited items. The website reflects the company’s image, and basically its responsiveness, loading speed, and components speak for permanent advantage online.

When you choose your team, it is always important to be really involved in the process, be deliberate and attentive, particularly when introducing new functions, testing stability and compatibility across various browsers. Even the great plans are pointless if they do not work as intended.

Cases When You Need It
Unique design. Each business has its own unique products and services. Templates, fonts and colors are the features to enhance your online brand. Using the same templates list, your site would look primitive and flat as there are several web resources that are similar to yours.
Flexible interface. Custom web development service ensures clients with a user-friendly solution, allows the entire process to be measured and tailored to the business needs in the development phase. The site can also be customized whenever appropriate, while templates websites don’t have a customization option because of codes that can't be modified.
Rapid loading. The web resource load time is a crucial point, it is the difference between retention and losing customers. Choosing a custom web design and development, you remove unnecessary bloatware and features, allowing both functionality and design to reduce load times for these functions and making your website load quickly.
Creativity. Customized web building gives an opportunity to experiment and accommodate features, promoting your unique identity and allowing you to gain greater control and navigational independence.
Easy third party integration. Thanks to custom web development, you can integrate well-known third-party APIs that not only reduce the overall development costs but also incorporate systems that your customers already have.
What is Custom Web Development Cost?
Custom web development pricing includes the following services:
Business Analysis. This stage is essential, you must make sure you are aware of your competitors and market condition to prevent expensive errors. BA is needed to transfer the business requirements into technical ground, to list all the site functions. BA costs will vary between $2,500 and $12,000+ (at the Ukrainian rate of $40/hour), based on the nature of the project.
UX/UI Design. UX component refers to creation of a user-friendly, intuitive skeleton for easy navigation throughout the platform. UI is the site’s vibrant interface organized as a number of mockups. Take into consideration the following components affecting the price either: quantity of pages, peculiar graphics and images, interactivity, responsiveness, branding. The total design cost (at $40/hour Ukrainian rate) is around $3,000-$4,000.
Website Development. The frontend and backend is the most expensive section, it includes third-party integrations, data processing tasks, complex inquiries, complexity of web design. The total pricing depends on the number of functions, their complication, UX/UI design elements and can be determined after analyzing all technical details. An approximate custom web development prices are $10,000-$15,000.
Project Management. It is needed to keep records of the development course, coordinate the project workflow, guide the team and conduct communication with the participating parties. The PM pricing for a primitive web project can be roughly $1,500 (at $40/hour Ukrainian rate), but commonly it starts at $7,500+ for a primitive site with essential functions.
Quality Assurance. It is a crucial step of the development stage: elimination of functional, performance, and security problems, it implies manual and automated testing with diverse instruments. The pricing of QA can vary from $5,000 for a small web resource to $25,000+ for a complicated project.
Support and Maintenance. This service implies bug fixing, code optimization, backend scalability, and performance tuning. The support services for an uncomplicated WP website will cost around $1,500, if there is a necessity to add new functions while implementing minor changes and bug fixing, then the web support cost can start from $15,000+.
Additional costs. It is crucial to register a domain name, the cost for it is about $10-$30 a year. Also this segment includes the following costs: web hosting set up, copywriting expenses, SSL certificate employment, advertisement, SEO.
Thus, to create a great, high-quality custom web resource with essential functions, the pricing will range from $18,000 - $25,000 for a simple corporate business platform, or $60,000+ for an e-commerce web platform of a basic nature, a more sophisticated e-commerce platform will cost you about $120,000+, a site with a complex, multi-level design may start from $230,000+.
Benefits of Developing Custom Websites with Artjoker
Artjoker is a custom web development company offering unique web solutions with easy and responsive navigation, so that your users can achieve their target due to mapping the natural browsing flow they will need, your end product will load quicker, look amazing and operate seamlessly.

Our web solutions are precisely tailored to your unique requests and preferences. We provide powerful solutions with complex systems and improved stability, we are focused on well-structured and clean code that meets programming language requirements, there are no unachievable projects for us.