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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Dedicated team

What is dedicated team development?

  • Dedicated team is a team that is involved in the creation of only one project at a time. This is perfect for outsourcing because dedicated team can easily be turned into remote team.

  • Features of Artjoker as dedicated team:

  • 1 10 years of experience

    With 10 years of experience Artjoker has gathered only the best technologies and services and instruments for your business. “One learns from one’s mistakes”, - that is definitely about us. We had made a lot of mistakes through these years, so there is a huge amount of knowledge that we have now.  

  • 2 Broad approach

    Artjoker proposes broad approach for your product development. We go through every stages of creation of the business with you - from design to marketing. In startups theme, we not only support you from research to ideas pitch, but also help you pass all of the startup lifecycle stages: Seed - with MVP, Launch, Scale and Maturity.

    MVP - is the minimum viable product stage of software development where the result is just a prototype or sample of future product. MVP’s function is limited, but even at that, it allows you to take simple actions and do market researches.

  • 3 In-house team

    In-house team development can procure only big companies like Artjoker (70+ specialists). This means that we will not have to search for programmers, designers and project managers in different companies. You have a whole suite of dedicated teams, members of which have known each other for a long time and are already used to working together.

  • 4 Huge R&D potential with attractive rates

    It is known that wages for IT services in developing countries, Ukraine included, are way more lower than, for example in USA or UK, but the quality isn’t any worse. More than 30% of Ukrainian students choose IT related subjects in universities.

    Artjoker has a huge research and development potential that is provided by constant improvement of skill and new ways of developing exploration.

  • 5 Developed our own Artjoker method

    Artjoker’s dedicated team development process is based on Scrum - one of the Agile methodologies. Why do we prefer Agile methodologies to standard ones, like Waterfall? This is because Agile methodologies allow our team members to do tasks simultaneously. So the work is done faster. Scrum is also deadline, customer and result-oriented. That is a great plus for a client.

What does Artjoker dedicated team do?

Our 2 main spheres of dedicated software development are:

  • Website development

Our company provides website development services that meet all your needs and are tailored according to the peculiarities of your business field. We also analyze competitive environments. Since your resource isn't just the company's image, but also the main tool of promotion of your products and services, then one of the most important details of your online business success and efficiency is the correct website development.

  • Mobile development

You will enjoy Android and IOS app development services provided by our company. Be closer to your mobile audience and order app development for IOS or Android devices.

Our technologies stack for dedicated team software development:

  • node.js or laravel - as the base of development;
  • HTML5/Responsive – as the main language and design;
  • Angular.js/React.js - as framework;
  • MySQL/MongoDB - as database. App development team develops mobile applications. Artjoker has 20+ members in the mobile development team.

Our technologies stack for mobile applications development

  • Swift/Objective C - as the languages of the app;
  • Java/Rx Java - as program platform and database.

Artjoker has a dedicated software development team that will happily turn your ideas into great results!

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager