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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Delivery Service Software Development

Software for delivery services

Internet users increasingly prefer to order food, clothing and household items from home, rather than spend the time to hike anywhere. That is why Artjoker team developed a software for delivery services. What we do:

  • Сreating software for fast delivery of your services, optimization and process automation;
  • Increasing audience reach and orient service delivery to individual consumers;
  • Introducing customization technologies for sites and mobile applications for delivery;
  • Optimizing applications for shipment on usability and user experience;
  • Implementing the technology of cross-sales (additional purchase to existing orders).

Special opportunities

  • 1 New audience

    Thanks to the website, the company acquires a new audience of paying customers. User works hard and so has no time to personally go to shops and restaurants, so he makes it through the Internet.

  • 2 Always at hand

    Mobile applications for delivery services have further opportunities. Even a computer or laptop is not always at hand, but the smartphone is always with us. User-friendly interface allows you to make purchases quickly and easily.

Shipment Management App and Web Development - Features of Delivery Software Solutions:

  • 1Food delivery sites need to have filtering for search and division range.

    Do not forget about quality photos, which wets clients' appetite. Correctly select the background, lighting and tableware. Dishes should be described briefly, revealing at the same time the main advantages and taste.

  • 2Clothes delivery sites should include these functions:

    The different options of the product, like color and size ; functional discounts, especially divided into categories like sales, the sum of an order, and separate size discount; using markers - “special”, “new”.

  • 3We work with specialized delivery services like flower or goods delivery.

    The specialization introduces even more features in your service and can be the start of high-quality branding.

Artjoker team will analyze your business niche and create a profitable result that increases your media outreach and increase the level of conversion.

Why you need software solutions for shipping?

  • Spending minimum amount of time on the order;
  • Customers get their own room, where preferences are saved;
  • An opportunity to leave a review for improvement on the quality of work;
  • You will be able to give advice to customers, thereby increasing the level of service. Good service is highly appreciated among the paying customers;
  • Advertising companies;
  • An opportunity to tell customers about new promotions;
  • Websites or applications that are easy to use, intuitive and functional for user remarketing.

Our expertise in custom software solutions

The favourite ones among our delivery software solutions are Ruben and Sushi-box, which allows:

  • The display of the route to the courier;
  • Make a test order;
  • Add items from different institutions;
  • As simple as possible, adaptive and intuitive website design and mobile applications for users.

Artjoker company will happily turn your ideas of delivery software into excellent results!

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager