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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Financial Software Development - Custom Fintech Solutions

Finance Technology Development

FinTech uses new technology for projects in the financial services field. It is considered one of the most promising (and sought-after) directions for startups and businesses. Why? The number of Internet banking users grows every day. More importantly, 71% of them use mobile app to process transactions. Artjoker helps companies to adapt to digital reality:

  • financial software development;
  • digital banking improvement;
  • payment systems adaptation;
  • reliable transaction processing;
  • the expansion of the banking system;
  • system of accounting automation.

Accounting statements - is an important source that generates the financial analysis. This analysis is the foundation of the basis on which managers make decisions.

Artjoker provides financial services development that optimizes company processes. We combine financial analysis tools in a handy app. With it, you will be able to carry out:

  • Analysis of absolute reporting indicators (report reading);
  • The horizontal (time) analysis;
  • Vertical (structural) analysis;
  • Trend (dynamic) analysis;
  • Analysis of financial ratios.

Artjoker team understands how firmly digital technologies have settled in our lives and we also understand the importance of optimization of internal and external communication by custom software development. We realize for you the software that will facilitate the paperwork. The fintech software we offer you does not require additional training and helps to solve financial problems.

It is expected that in the coming years the rapid growth of finteсh services development sector will continue to expand, and users also will adapt to fintech services.

What we provide:

  • developing programs for financial analysis, banking;
  • implementing programs for accounting;
  • increasing your profitability with the help of software;
  • payment software development;
  • creating a bank website;
  • developing financial resources to increase leads, forming public image of the company, and 24/7 customer relationships.

Our fintech expertise

We have projects like MyCredit and Privat-bot in fintech sphere. They allow:

  • prompt reporting of new subbranches, ATMs and bank terminals;
  • automation and optimization of user registration databases;
  • give short-term credit for customers' convenience;
  • effectively work with leads;
  • increase audience loyalty through the usability interface and ease of use.

The development of financial technology has opened many new opportunities for business. Now, businesses can offer a greater range of services at a lower cost. And even without hot interest in new technologies, you should carefully follow the launch of new items in fintech and on the market. After all, they represent an important component of modern business, and only using advanced financial technology development can help you be the first among the competitors.

Do not miss the opportunity to develop a successful business, as Artjoker will happily turn your idea into great result, carry out a deep analysis of the business, create an intuitive user interface and increase your profits.

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager