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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Idea Pitch – searching for startup investments together with Artjoker

All ideas are important, especially if they are related to startup. Everyone needs a digital tool to make his/her life simpler, and everyone has his own preferences. That's the main reason we are sure your product will get startup funding, and its target users as well, and we'll help you achieve this. Having successfully launched over 500 projects profitable for their owners, we definitely know how to bring digital ideas to life, turning them into fully functional product.

The results of our work

Artjoker Method works great for clients startupers. In 2016, we developed from scratch several startups and provided for them marketing mix.

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Dating mobile app for the iOS platform. We also worked on the marketing strategy after the project launch.


Mobile delivery app for a startup in Switzerland.

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Fintech startup for online lending in Ukraine. We developed a website from scratch and provided complex promotion. The second month after launch brought the business 800 loan grantings.


Mobile app for commercial social media. Developed for both iOS and Android platforms and the marketing strategy for the app's promotion was also created.

  • Finding investors for a startup to get funding is not as easy as it seems in the beginning. Its message should sting to the quick, and the concept should prove that the product is worth developing for sure. The Idea Pitch service is a kind of silver platter for your project: a great ship needs deep waters – we estimate a future MVP (Minimum Viable Product), prepare Investment Package, as well as financial plan of a startup and its development road map.

  • Our goal for this stage is to get funding for your project. Artjoker Method is all about running three components simultaneously: product quality, how is the process going, and staff skill level. Specifically for project management, we use Agile approach with its Scrum methodology. The advantages are an idea improvement by stage, and the shortage of work stoppages to accelerate getting startup investments.

What does Idea Pitch service include, and how does it help to get startup funding?

  • Market Research
  • Spiking Feasibility and Technical Analysis
  • User Persona and Demographic Analysis
  • Creation of Innovation Business Model
  • Monetization Formulation and determining of the key project KPIs
  • Gathering of requirements and Use Case
  • Developing a digital prototype
  • Pitch presentation
  • Choosing development tools
  • Determining cost of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

How do we help find investments for a startup?

We gather Investment Proposal Documents Package for a new startup. Artjoker believes our toolkit makes startup formation easier, as well as searching for investors and partners for the next steps.
The toolkit includes:

Business plan
Investment Summary
Executive Summary
Product Presentation

Additionally, you get:

  • 1 Niche consultancy
  • 2 Development of a brand self-presentation strategy
  • 3 Development of a marketing strategy (SEO, SMM, PR)
  • 4 Crowd-funding platforms analysis
  • 5 Creating Landing Page for the startup idea
  • 6 Preparing a demo video

What does Artjoker work for?

  • Artjoker team supports a client in finding investments for a startup from the first consultation call till the final project approval. After completing the idea formation, we continue to improve the design plan, providing technical support, and developing MVP and FFP. Artjoker service makes it possible for you and your colleagues to efficiently benefit from the product. While working on a project, our managers share their knowledge of technologies, methodology and the way to manage the website or mobile app life cycle. Note that taking on an investor is not our final goal. Upon completing the project works (but not cooperation), you'll get our maintenance service for your product launch and promotion consulting.

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager