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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) services

Pay per click advertising services are extremely popular, as they are widely used by search systems like Google or Yandex, etc. That is great for your business as it is a chance to attract more potential clients, people who are interested in your products/services, to your website.

What is PPC advertising?

Pay Per Click ads is when an advertiser places his announcement on the website and pays only when a user clicks on this ad. In other words, the advertiser pays only for the traffic on his website. A PPC ad is a great opportunity for a website owner to announce everyone about promotions and sales.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords campaign management services are provided by our company but to know more about it let's first define Google Adwords. It is a Google service of contextual advertising that allows for attracting new clients and increasing sales.

Our pay per click strategy

A PPC search engine advertising management process involves a team of professionals who displays your advertisements in all the requests that are relevant. PPC strategy includes:

  • 1Orientation on business objectives

    Before setting a contextual advertisement, our specialists conduct a deep analysis of a client's business, because PPC advertising services presuppose attraction of new clients and it means we need to thoroughly study preferences of the target audience.

  • 2Selection of target key requests

    To cover a great quantity of all concerned, we make an extended list of keywords by which the announcements on PPC providers will be displayed.

  • 3Writing of selling ad texts

    We write the selling texts for announcements to involve all the target audience. Hooked headings, intrigues and propositions that are impossible to refuse do their part. These are a specialty of our best PPC ads company. We make your potential client visit your website to purchase.

  • 4Regular monitoring of results

    A contextual ad on Yandex or Google demands a regular analysis of efficiency, in-time reaction on customers' behavior and implementation of optimal solutions for increasing its productivity and proper PPC advertising management executed by specialists.

  • 5Qualitative website

    A success of a contextual advertisement depends on the leading website. That's why it is important to provide the website with relevant pages for search requests before launching an ad campaign on Yandex or Google. Our pay per click management agency creates the announcements according to the website content; pages are developed according to the best UX practices because if the website is intricate, Google Adwords’ contextual ads won't be efficient.

  • 6Advertisement campaign efficient setting

    The best PPC campaign management services presuppose accounting of a number of peculiarities. Every market has some features, which is why settings will be a bit specific. All depends on the client's business. We thoroughly set all the parameters from geolocation and schedules displaying to specific extensions, providing PPC advertising services for the efficient contextual advertisement

  • 7Qualitative service

    When you are running a trade, the business level of a service or product’s quality are both important. Always mind that the client should be happy; that's why a competent cost per click advertising service will lead him to your website and make him use your services or buy your products. However, this is only if it is of high quality.

PPC advantages

Payments for clicks,
not displaying
Influx of visitors at once
instead of waiting for several months
Online paid advertising management services
ensure attraction of target visitors
on the basis of search requests and objectives
Conversion of clicks
in target actions
Fast research of consumers
Fast research of market

Our cases

Why Artjoker is the best PPC ads company in the USA

  • We are the best pay per click management company that provides qualitative, in-time services according to the business-objectives and preferences of our client
  • Our team of certified Google Adwords specialists will take your business to a new level
  • More than 400 successful projects is why we have the reputation of the best PPC agency in the NYC
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Natalya Brinza

Project Manager