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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Responsive graphic web design with Sketch

Sketch app for mac is a professional vector graphics app with powerful tools and a beautiful interface. It is built for graphic designers to simplify and improve their work. This is a product made for Mac OS that's why it is very speedy and up-to-date. Sketch web app is the best alternative to photoshop for a designer as it is fully made for a user interface design and has already started to be the best tool for UI design.

Main features and advantages to Sketch

  • 1Color management

    It is really simplified with Sketch design app in comparison with Photoshop. Now all the designers can add custom colors to the document swatches.

  • 2Convenience

    With the help of Sketch, designers are enabled to copy accurate CSS styles. This provides better experience between design and development. You may ask how to do web designing using HTML or what do HTML and web design have in common? Almost everybody who is involved with the internet or web designing needs to have a basic knowledge and understanding of how HTML works or HTML codes are written.

  • 3Product and staff listing page

    It would be a labor work to add content to more than 20 items in a mockup. Moreover, clients rarely can provide you with content before the design is approved. Luckily, Sketch app design has several plugins that give us an opportunity to generate content automatically in design. It is excellent as you can see an almost completed work and to not wonder what it would be in the end.

  • 4Mobile and Tablet mockup design

    In this point, we will figure out why Sketch design program is so good when used in responsive design. In this application, there is an option owing to which you can see desktop, mobile and tablet versions in one view that allows designers to edit all mockups at the same time. By creating static mockups can be a great way to show a client the most realistic preview of how a responsive web design will actually look .

  • 5Switching to development

    Using Sketch, designers can provide developers with all the assets and styles they'll be in need to get started even without using application. So it considerably simplifies the work and reduce time, spent on the development. With Sketch websites are made twice as faster as with Photoshop .

  • 6Interface

    It has a really neat interface and a set of tools is extremely simplified. Nevertheless, it includes only those items that can be recreated with CSS and HTML. Sketch for web design is like Mark Zuckerberg for social networking. There can be a lot of others social networks but they are all overshadowed by Facebook.

  • 7Work with the text

    Work with the text is a very important stage of the whole process as the text is something that invite, call to some actions, Sketch web design undoubtedly will make your customer use your services or products. It includes a beautiful text rendering and convenient setting of text blocks. Your text should be eye-catching and pleasant to look on. Everything can be possible with Sketch- one of the website design apps for mac.

To sum up: why Sketch is really good

Sketch is a combination of everything that is good in Illustrator and Photoshop. It is the tool that we have selected for our team, and prefer it over any other because it’s really simple and extremely powerful, it gets the job done much faster and smoother with UI Sketch building design - oriented set of features. Its strong community keeps taking this tool forward.

It’s definitely still a work in progress, this tool continues to be go-to web design program for our specialists. Tools and interface prioritize graphic design Sketch has offered for the web. It contains a lot of tools like simple exporting functionality, the remade artboard templates, etc. that have drastically sped up the workflow of our designers and made the design process a little easier and improved from moodboards to the early stages of development, that makes it a great tool for responsive design.

What we suggest:

  • Sketch website design custom-made to your taste and recommendations
  • Faster website delivery owing to stated simplified process of mockup creation
  • Designer, developer, markup specialists dedicated to your project
  • Websites designed using the best and advanced software Sketch designs
Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager