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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Social media marketing

Social media marketing services - a website promotion through direct communication with representatives of target audience with the help of blogs, social networks and platforms. It is a trump for every entrepreneur. The considerable advantage of this work method is that feedback, comments and recommendations of potential clients can be received immediately. Due to the feedback, and with the help of social media marketing process, you have a great possibility to correct the strategy of promotion.

Social media marketing process:

  • 1Analysis

    We deeply analyze all the peculiarities of a client's business, competitive surroundings (who is active in social media, what they are doing, what is successful and what isn't) and target audience (its behavior and insights) so we can set clear goals. ArtJoker is a social media marketing agency in New York City that does our best to make this communication more relevant for a further successful and efficient promotion.

  • 2Strategy development

    Having understood the current situation and where to move further, we select a desirable direction. Strategy development is an important stage, as all the processes depend on the right strategy worked out by professionals. It is like the foundation for a house; it should be safe, sound and thoroughly worked out. At this stage, specialists in our social media company create a plan for achieving the company's business goals by means of communication within social platforms and networks.

  • 3Implementation

    It is a delicate stage because every part of the implementation stage is a ticket to the world of successful business. According to a proverb, "If you want to get in the media become the media." Ideally, your brand and company need to become a full media unit to be seen everywhere, which is one of the main goals of social media marketing. Hundreds of people visit social networks in search of feedback for a product. Be the owner of the best one.

  • 4Reporting stage

    We provide a report on all the done work and on the goals that have been achieved. Owing to determination of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on social networks, our clients are able to evaluate the success of our work and to understand the importance of social media for businesses.

Goals of social media marketing

Sales stimulation

gather target audience in topical communities

Increase in brand awareness

word-of-mouth - make people tell their
friends about your brand

Formation of the loyal users

offer users to participate in a promotion,
to read feedback of other users, etc.

Counteraction to negative

cost of social media marketing
is rather high because it includes
a big amount of work, so our specialists observe
all the negative feedback
and react in real time

We provide the following social media marketing services

Our agency works with social networks

(account promotion)
(contextual advertising,
promotion, accounts design)
(post promotion)

Examples of social media marketing,plus our SMM results

Miss Ukraine (website for competition)

Goals to achieve:

  • 1Use all the efficient online-tools to spread the information about competition
  • 2Attract attention to section “Miss Ukraine – online” and girls to participate in the competition

Solutions (what we have done):

Our social media agency in New York City created and professionally designed a competition on social networks, developed a content-strategy, and created, decorated and optimized an official YouTube channel for the competition.

Charivna Mozaika

Goals to achieve:

  • 1Think over a content plan and posting for three months
  • 2Work out a plan and a variety of topics
  • 3Teach a client how to develop his business across social networks
  • 4Content strategy development made by Artjoker - the best social media marketing company in NYC

Solutions (what we have done):

We have created a brand page from the very beginning and a visual design across social networks, worked out a plan schedule and a variety of topics, and held a number of teaching meetings with the client's SMM specialists. We still provide further consultation on spot questions during the strategy implementation.

Why Artjoker is the best social media marketing company in New York

  • 9 years of work in the field of SMM
  • Hundreds of successful promotions
  • Increase in leads owing to our SMM strategies
Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager