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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Software Development Outsourcing

Oursourcing software development is becoming more and more popular nowadays. And it is obvious because of the huge list of its advantages. Firstly, it is, of course, cost effective. Developing countries like Ukraine have lower wages with the same quality standards as in developed countries. Secondly, it allows for time management . While outsourcing to offshore software company for software development, client has more time to focus on core tasks, such as brand building, researches, and better-priced services. Artjoker is one of the best software development outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

What Artjoker does for your business as an outsourcing company:

  • ecommerce
  • websites development
  • mobile application development

Artjoker Software Development Outsourcing Methodology

Our methodology, the Artjoker Method, has been developed within 10 years of our existence.

We use Scrum as our team management methodology. It is client, deadline and result-orientated.

Why? Because it provides tight communication between client or PO (Product Owner) and project manager or SM (Scrum Master) and, of course, the team. This communication is well organized in Sprint meetings. Sprint is an iteration in Scrum methodology, and usually 2 weeks long. In the beginning of every Sprint the team, with the PO, sets tasks and goals to Backlog (a list of tasks) that are supposed to be done by the end of a Sprint. Artjoker team is a dedicated team, because the team works only on one project at a time until the project is brought to life.

Agile software development team

Our offshore software development team prefers to use this list of services to create the best product for your business:

Our technologies stack for outsourced software development:

  • node.js or laravel - as the base of development;
  • HTML5/Responsive - as the main language and design;
  • Angular.js/React.js - as framework;
  • MySQL/MongoDB - as database. App development team develops mobile applications. Artjoker has 20+ members in the mobile development team.

Our technologies stack for mobile applications development

  • Swift/Objective C - as the languages of the app;
  • Java/Rx Java - as program platform and database.

Artjoker idea lab

Artjoker idea lab consists of Artjoker method and a special system of educating trainee developers. We, as software development outsourcing company, created a unique educational system for developers that come to our company as trainees, and after a few months of professional training become highly qualified professionals. We get this result by encouraging our workers to follow these values:

  • 1 Do the first-class projects
  • 2 Support your colleagues
  • 3 Invent, generate, offer
  • 4 Go over your head
  • 5 Grow, risk, develop
  • 6 Think in prospect, do beforehand
  • 7 Be honest and open-minded

Artjoker team has 70+ members, and among them are managers, business analysts, programmers, designers, accountants, marketers SEO, PPC and SMM specialists etc. Of course, for bringing the contact inside the whole Artjoker team we have HR specialist, that gathers all of us together.

We also use agile tools to communicate with our offshore software development team. The tools include Worksection and Atlassian Jira for task management, time-tracking, planning and goals-setting and chats, and Slack for discussion. We also use Viber, WhatsApp and Skype for better relationship building with the client.

Artjoker is your outsourced software development team that will happily turn your ideas into great results!

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager